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Environmental Care & Global Awareness


Creekside Park Cleanup



Walnut Family Festival '07




Car Wash at MasterLube










Earth Day, April 22

Lemon Creek Park/Eat first/MmMmMm Mozerella Sticks, dumplings, quesadillas/Inseparable Crew/Happy Earth Day Pinata :D

mmmmm...sexay officers ;D




30 Minute Beach Cleanup

Long Beach/30 Minutes of cleanup, 5 minutes of egg hunts/money, aquarium tix, candy in eggs/1 Member came.




Nature Day

waterballoonfight/perfect weather/potluck/miniparkcleanup/spotless lemoncreek/fishing for no crayfish/treehuggers




Roots Willow Planting

mud everywhere/killer sun/43 kids/bucket brigade/blisters/was not even willow planting/all smiles



ECGA & Evergreen Snowcreek Park Cleanup

80 something blob of treehuggers/volleyball with Wilson/stick pickeruppers/ECGA & Evergreen unite




Seal Beach Cleanup/Bolsa Chica Restoration

wind, rain, COLD/school bus trip/seals/rivers end restaurant/trip to the SB pier/cute white guys at bolsa chica!?/fun trip




Winterfest 2006

starbucks hot chocolate/whipped cream/snowball fight/frozen hands/"mommy, they're all chinese"/no money




Rose Parade Decorating

oasis glue/seeds, flower petals, lima beans/picky advisors/anaheim 150 years/float winner of mayor's choice




Snowboarding at Mt High

fake snow/goofy or regular?/snowflake/retards, emos, terrorists/frosty butt/rainbow charter bus/greeat time




Fun Club at Collegewood




Bunny Rescue at the Chino Hills Petco