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Club or School Logo FF-SS Newcomers


a-Becky Morrill     President  
b-Debbie Dudley     Vice President  
c-Rae King     Treasurer  
ca-Shared Mo. to Mo.     Secretary  
Christine De Graca     Senior Center Liaison  
Fran East     Special Events-Ways and Means  
Fran East     Crafts  
Fran East     Breakfast Group Chair  
Janie Marvel     Bridge Chair  
Janis Bemis     Hospitality - Raffle Chair  
Jo-Anne Fenton     Parliamentarian  
Jo-Anne Fenton     Discussion Group Chair  
Ligia Arguedas     Newsletter Chair  
Lynne Schmidt     Book Group Chair  
Mary Taynton     Calling Committee  
Maureen Smith     Theater Group Co-Chair  
Maureen Smith     Movie Group, Co-Chair  
Maureen Stracener     Sunshine/Support Service, Co-Chair  
Myrna Ferretti     Membership Chair  
Pat Gordon     Publicity Chair  
Shared mont to month     Trips and Tours  
Shirley Davis     Sunshine/Support Service, Co-Chair  
Sue Burg     Theater Group Co-Chair  
Sue Burg     Movie Group, Co-Chair