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Environmental Care & Global Awareness


Regular Events

Note that the below events are last year's events and as such may be subject to change and/or deletion.

Funclub: Teach young children at local elementary schools fun crafts and environmental awareness.  Usually two to two and a half hours.  ---Event Coordinators: Tiffany Ha, Anna Karina Severt.

Stadium Cleanup:  Post-game track and fields are always littered with trash.  Keep the fields clean and track looking good.  ---Event Coordinators: Stephanie Lee, Scott Fan, Jonathan Huang.

Park Cleanup:  Make our beautiful Walnut parks greener than ever!   ---Event Coordinator: Rena Yang.

CatsInNeed Pet Adoptions:  Help this non-profit animal shelter during their twice-weekly pet adoptions at the Walnut Petsmart (the club attends Sundays, 2:00-4:00pm). Duties include cleaning the cages and playing with the cats.  Address:  21848 Valley Blvd Industry(Walnut), CA 91789---Event Coordinator: Shannon Kow, Jonathan Huang, Scott Fan.

Note: Do not attend this activity if you have severe cat allergies, as members will be in very close contact with the cats.

Campus Cleanup: Pick up after yourselves.  The after school activity includes trash removal as well as plastic bottle collection for recycling. Meet in the cafeteria after school.  ---Event Coordinators: Tiffany Ha, Rena Yang, Jessica Chean.

Bunny Bunch Rescue: Save the bunnies, save the world. Like CatsInNeed, you help clean the rabbit cages, play with the rabbits, and feed them. A fun event and easy points. Going on every Saturday from 12:30-3:00 PM. Located at the Chino Hills Petco.    ---Event Coordinators: Rena Yang.


Individual Events

Bolsa Chica: This will be held a couple times a year.  The place is stunning, with large bodies of water and greenery.  You can see birds such as cranes everywhere.  Activities include weeding, tree planting, and watering.  Private tours will be thrown in for a day of less weeding and more sightseeing.  ---Event Coordinator: Shannon Kow, Tiffany Ha.

Chino Wetlands: These will be a few times a month until the Wetlands Park is completed at the end of the school year.  Activities include planting, shoveling, watering, and more.  In the end, the area will be turned into a wilderness park with hiking trails and large ponds.  Come and help!  ---Event Coordinator: Josephine Chi

Nature Day (Saturday, Feb. 24, 11am-2pm): This event only comes around once in a while. This park cleanup, potluck, and crayfishing event will be held at Lemon Creek Park. Yes, we are fishing! This is a sort-of end of the semester party for those of you who are still in the club. --Event Coordinator: All officers

Beach Cleanup: These are rare, but usually involve more than beach cleaning---shopping anyone?  Keep our beaches beautiful (if not swimmable) and have fun too.  ---Event Coordinator: Sara Wang, Anna Karina Severt.

ROOTS Restoration Willow Planting (Saturday, Oct. 28, 9am -12pm): Help out Upper Newport Bay volunteers by planting willow tree saplings.  All tools provided and on the spot training. Be sure to wear long pants and comfortable shoes, even bring some sort of sun protection.  ---Event Coordinator: Shannon Kow, Tiffany Ha.

Reach the event coordinators at Contact Us if you have any questions.



Bottle Recycling: ECGA is installing bins for bottle and can recycling in the E and J buildings.  Please help reuse some of the plastic that is thrown away each year from bottles.  The money earned goes back into this program, helping to buy more bins for more classrooms.  So look for the gray ECGA bottle recycling bins!                                 

PGE-Project Green Earth: This is the schoolwide recycling program of paper and plastic bottles, run by the alliance of ECGA, Evergreen, and Leo Club.        

Snuggles: Dogs and cats usually live in metal pens at animal shelters.  So to keep them cozy and warm, volunteers help sew comforters, distributing them to the local shelters ECGA works with.  We will be using old ECGA T-shirts as fabric.  Each member receives a T-shirt, getting the opportunity to personalize it before transforming it into a comforter and donating it.