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Learning is like rowing upstream:
not to advance is to drop back.
Chinese Proverb

Professional Biography:

While I began my professional career with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education and worked for two years specializing in infant and toddler care, I soon returned to the local community college to obtain a degree as a respiratory therapist. As a therapist, I mentored respiratory care students and became interested in the difficulties and unique learning styles of adults. I returned to school to complete my undergraduate studies in education. This degree positioned me to become the Director of Clinical Education at my alma mater where I grew and flourished both personally and professionally.

Being one of the youngest faculty members, I was quickly tagged as my academic division’s “computer person”. My reputation for being a “techie” (whether it was deserved or not) spread on campus. I found I enjoyed helping faculty members develop instructional materials and find Internet resources that suited their needs. I returned one more time to complete my Master degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning. Even prior to the completion of this degree, I was hired in the newly created position of Director of the Teaching & Learning Center. During the next two years, I developed and implemented the structure and function of the “TLC”, conducted classes and workshops for faculty, provided confidential consultations, and developed technology-related tutorials. The position has been both rewarding and edifying.

A significant life change led me to sunny Tucson, Arizona and Pima Community College in 2006. As one of PCC's team of instructional designers, I honed my skills by delving further into the design process. In addition to the creation of various courses, including several Early Childhood Education courses and Honors 101, I was responsible for revising the college's online WebCT training course (WebCT151).

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