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Erin Elizabeth Woodby

I am a nursing student at Middle Tennessee State University working on a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing and minor in Spanish.  I will graduate December 13, 2008, and will be relocating to Johnson City, TN.  I am extremely excited about begining my career as a registered nurse and to share my compassion with others in the healthcare system.


1. Experienced-Based Knowledge of My Discipline

  • Assessing patients is a vital task for the nurse to perfect to ensure safe and competent care.  In Critical Care Grand Rounds for NURS 4340 we applied this skill in our final project.  The link below accesses the assessment in this project.
  • users/erinwoodby/upload/File/gr_assessment.ppt

2. Reflection Experience

3. Activity That Allowed Me to Apply Theories of Concepts to a Practical Problem

  • During my leadership clinical at St. Thomas Hospital I had to create something that would benefit the staff or patients and solve a problem for either.  I chose to do my project to benefit the patient.  Below is the attached portion that describes this project.
  • users/erinwoodby/upload/File/Leadership_Project.ppt

4. Service Activity that Made a Contribution to the Community

  • When Hurricane Gustav threatened the lives of citizens of New Orleans, the MTSU campus opened their rec center as a shelter.  Below is my journaled experience of volunteering for this cause.
  • users/erinwoodby/upload/File/slp_e._woodby.doc

5. Planning Skills

  • As a nurse, we must formulate nursing care plans to assist in planning care for our patients and helping them to acheive thier treatment goals.  A care plan is attached that displays planning skills.
  • users/erinwoodby/upload/File/ncp.doc 

6. Organizational Skills

7. Reflection Essay

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