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To Koin' A Phrase

     Welcome to the Koine Greek quick reference site. Designed to offer students and scholars key information on the Greek of the New Testament, To Koin' A Phrase is under its initial construction. The site will eventually include a lexicon of all words used in the New Testament over 42 times, and various inflectional charts.
     This site is sponsored by Dayspring Christian Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.


     I have had trouble with Greek fonts, and now I paste below some test text in various fonts.


Titus Cyberbit Basic: ??μα   υ??ς   πρεσβ?τερος   προφ?της

New Athena Unicode: ??μα   υ??ς   πρεσβ?τερος   προφ?της

SPIonic: ??μα   υ??ς   πρεσβ?τερος   προφ?της

Lucida Sans Unicode: ??μα   υ??ς   πρεσβ?τερος   προφ?της