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Koine (New Testament) Greek Lexicon

Notes on listings
Words Included.  All words used 42 times or more in the New Testament are in this lexicon; in addition, entries ending REV or ROM or JAS are for the lower-frequency words occurring in the first and last chapters of Revelation, the eighth chapter of Romans, and the second and fourth chapters of James.
Parts of Speech Code.  Parts of speech are indicated as n (noun), pn (pronoun), adj (adjective), v (verb), adv (adverb), cnj (conjunction), prp (preposition), int (interjection) and prt (particle).
Nouns.  Each noun typically occurs in one gender only.  Nouns are listed with the singular nominative form first, then the singular genitive ending (or entire genitive form, if the ending alone would be confusing), then the definite article for the noun in its singular nominative form.  From the definite article may be discerned the gender.  The declension is then marked as decl 1/2/3 (though the declension may also be discerned from the endings of the noun); decl 2 Attic refers to a rare declension found on the Declension Endings sheet or notes; decl 3 odd indicates that the declension pattern may be found on the Some Odd-Looking Third Declension Nouns and Adjectives sheet.  Those rare nouns and adjectives that cannot be declined are marked indecl, and those occuring in plural only are marked pl.  Most pronouns in this lexicon also appear on separate pronoun sheets in their entire declension.
Adjectives.  Most adjectives can occur in any of the three genders.  Adjectives are listed with the singular masculine nominative form first, then the singular feminine nominative ending, then the singular neuter nominative ending.  Adjectives with only 2 endings have the same form for the masculine and feminine, so the second ending listed is for the neuter.  The declension is marked as decl 1/2/3.  An adjective typically has different declensions for the different genders.  Occasionally an adjective will have different roots for the different genders: the lexicon gives enough information to recognize this.  When six forms are given for clarity on less predictable adjectives, those forms are all singular—the masculine nominative, then genitive; the feminine nominative, then genitive; and the neuter nominative, then genitive.
Verbs.  Verbs are listed here in the present indicative active only.  Occasionally, a verb will not occur in the PIA, so another primary form is used, usually the middle or passive.  The abbreviations mid and pass indicate those verbs, each of which also has the abbreviation ch (characeristic) or dep (deponent).  (The adept student can also recognize a middle/passive verb by its ending.)  Uncontracted forms are listed here, so that the stem of the verb is more easily identified.  In actual speech and writing, contractions will occur.  More detail on each verb can be seen in the separate Verb Lexicon.

?ββ?, n, indecl, father (my father?; papa?)ROM
?βρα?μ, ?, n, indecl, Abraham (“father of a multitude”)JAS
?γαθ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, good, noble
?γαπ?ω, v, to love
?γ?πη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, love
?γαπητ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, beloved
?γγελος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, messenger, angel
?γι?ζω, v, to hallow, consecrate, make holyREV
?γιος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, holy
?γν?ζω, v, to purify, sanctify, cleanse, make cleanJAS
?γνο?ω, v, to not know
?γω, v, to lead
?δελφ?, - ?ς, ?, n, decl 1, sisterJAS
?δελφ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, brother
?δης, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, HadesREV
?δικ?ω, v, to do wrong
?δ?νατος, -ον, adj, decl 2, powerless, impossibleROM
α?μα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, blood
α?ρω, v, to take/lift up
α?τ?ω, v, to ask, request
α??ν, α??νος, ?, n, decl 3, age
α??νιος, -ον, adj, decl 2, eternal
?κολουθ?ω, v, to follow +dat
?κο?ω, v, to hear +gen/acc
?λαζονε?α / ?λαζον?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, pretension, arrogance, braggadocio, bravado, boasting, ostentation, vainglory, pride, impious presumption, insolent assurance, braggart talkJAS
?λ?λητος, -ον, adj, decl 2, unexpressed, inexpressibleROM
?λ?θεια, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, truth
?ληθιν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, trueREV
?λλ?, cnj, but
?λλ?λων, -οις, -ους, pn, decl 2, one another [reciprocal pro.; not used in nom.]
?λλος, -η, -ο, adj, decl 1,2, other, another
?λφα, τ?, n, indecl, alphaREV
?μαρτ?νω, v, to sin, miss the mark
?μαρτ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, sin
?μαρτωλ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, sinner
?μ?ν, v, so be it
?μφ?, prp, about +acc
?ν, prt [not translated]; also = ??ν (q.v.) contracted
?που ?ν, pn/adv/cnj, whenever +imperfect; wherever, whenever +subjunctive
?ν?, prp, up (along); by [distributive]; to the number of, at the rate of +acc
?ναβα?νω, v, to go up
?ναγιν?σκω, v, to readREV
?ν?στασις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, resurrection
?ναφ?ρω, v, to bring/take/bear/carry/lead/offer upJAS
?νενεγκ....  See ?ναφ?ρω.
?ν?ρ, ?νδρ?ς, ?, n, decl 3 odd, man, husband
?νθ?στημι, v mid ch, to set (oneself) against, withstand, stand against, oppose, resistJAS
?νθρωπος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, man, mankind
?ν?λεως, -εων, adj, decl 2 Attic, mercilessJAS
?ν?στημι, v, to raise; to rise
?νο?γω, v, to open
?ντεστ....  See ?νθ?στημι.
?ντ?, prp, instead of, for +gen
?ντιστ....  See ?νθ?στημι.
?ντιτ?σσω, v, to oppose, resist, range oneself against +datJAS
?ξιος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, worthy
?π’.  See ?π?.
?παγγ?λλω, v, to announce, proclaim
?παρχ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, first-fruitsROM
?πας, ?παντος;    ?πασα, ?π?σης;    ?παν, ?παντος, adj, decl 1,3, all, every, whole
?πεκδ?χομαι, v mid dep, to await eagerlyROM
?π? / ?π’ / ?φ’, prp, from, from the edge of, by, on account of +gen
?ποδ?δωμι, v, to give back, deliver, restore, render
?ποθν?σκω, v, to die
?ποκαλ?πτω, v, to reveal, discloseROM
?ποκ?λυψις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, revelation (from hiding)REV
?ποκαραδοκ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, eager expectationROM
?ποκρ?νομαι, v mid ch, to answer +dat
?ποκτε?νω, v, to kill
?π?λλυμι, v, to destroy; mid: to perish
?πολ?τρωσις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, release, redemption (of slave), acquittalROM
?πολ?ω, v, to free, release
?ποστ?λλω, v, to send (with a commission)
?πτω, v, mid: to touch
?ρα, adv, therefore
?ρα ο?ν, therefore certainly, without doubt therefore
?ρ?σκω, v, to (strive to) pleaseROM
?ρν?ομαι, v mid dep, to refuse, disdain, deny
?ρν?ον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, (little) lambREV
?ρτος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, bread
?ρχ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, beginning, origin, first cause, ruler, authority, rule
?ρχιερε?ς, -?ως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, chief priest, high priest
?ρχω, v, to rule; mid: to begin
?σθ?νεια, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, weaknessROM
?σθεν?ω, v, to be weak, sick, powerless, in needROM
?σ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, AsiaREV
?σπ?ζομαι, v mid dep, to greet
?στ?ρ, -?ρος, ?, n, decl 3 odd, starREV
?τιμ?ζω, v, to dishonor, degrade, insultJAS
α?ριον, adv/n, tomorrow, morrowJAS
α?τη.  See ο?τος.
α?τ?ς, -?, -?, adj, decl 1,2, he [3rd pers. personal pronoun]; same, self
?φ’.  See ?π?.
?φαιρ?ω, v, to remove, take from/away, carry off; to subtract?REV
?φαν?ζω, v, to render invisible, becloud, disfigure, destroy; [passive:] to disappear, vanish, perishJAS
?φ?ημι, v, to let go, leave, permit
?χρι, cnj/adv/prp, until [of time]; until the time when; as long as; as far as [of place or manner] +gen
β?θος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, depthROM
βα?νω, v, to go
β?λλω, v, to throw, cast, put
βαπτ?ζω, v, to baptize
βασιλε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, kingdom
βασιλε?ς, -?ως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, king
βασιλε?ω, v, to rule, be king
βασιλικ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, royal, regal, king’sJAS
βιβλ?ον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, small book, scrollREV
βλασφημ?ω, v, to blaspheme, defame, revileJAS
βλ?πω, v, to see
βο?λομαι, v pass dep, to will, purpose, wish, desire, want, intendJAS
γαμ?ω, v, to marry
γ?ρ, cnj, for [postpositive conj]
γ?λως, -ωτος, ?, n, decl 3, laughterJAS
γενε?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, family, descent, generation
γενν?ω, v, to beget, bear
γ?νος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, race, offspring, kind, species, familyREV
γ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, earth, land
γ?(γ)νομαι, v mid ch, to become, be, happen
γι(γ)ν?σκω, v, to know
γλ?σσα, -ης, ?, (γλ?ττα in Attic), n, decl 1, tongue
γραφ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, writing, Scripture
γρ?φω, v, to write
γραμματε?ς, -?ως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, scribe
γυμν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, naked, bare, uncovered, unclad, ill cladJAS
γυμν?της, -ητος, ?, n, decl 3, nakednessROM
γυν?, γυναικ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, woman, wife
δαιμ?νιον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, demon
Δαβ?δ.  See Δαυε?δ.
δαπαν?ω, v, to spend (freely), expend, exhaust, consume, squander, wasteJAS
Δαυε?δ / Δαβ?δ / Δαυ?δ, n, indecl, DavidREV
Δαυ?δ.  See Δαυε?δ.
δ?, cnj, and, but [postpositive conj]
μ?ν...δ?, prt, on the one hand...on the other
δε?κνυμι, v, to show
δεξι?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, right [not left]
δε?τερος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, second
δ?χομαι, v mid dep, to receive
δ?ω, v, to be necessary + acc & infin
δηλ?ω, v, to reveal, show, make clear
δι? / δι’, prp, through +gen; through, because of, on account of, for (the sake of), by (means of) +acc
δι?βολος, -ον, adj/n, decl 2, slanderous; slanderer, (devil)JAS
διακρ?νω, v, to judge (correctly), differentiate, withdraw/separate (from), oppose; mid, but pass in aor: to dispute, be at odds (with oneself), doubt, waverJAS
διαλογισμ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, thought, opinion, reasoning, design, argument, dispute, doubtJAS
διδ?σκαλος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, teacher
διδ?σκω, v, to teach
δ?δωμι, v, to give
δ?καιος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, righteous
δικαιοσ?νη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, righteousness
δικαι?ω, v, to justify, vindicate, show/do justiceROM
δικα?ωμα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, regulation, requirement, commandment, righteous deedROM
δικα?ωσις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, justification, vindication, acquittalROM
δι?, adv, therefore
δι?τι, cnj, because, therefore, for, thatROM
δ?στομος, -ον, adj, decl 2, double-mouthed, double-edgedREV
διψ?ω, v, to thirstREV
δ?ψυχος, -ον, adj, decl 2, double-souled, double-minded, vacillating, hesitating, doubtingJAS
διωγμ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, persecutionROM
δι?κω, v, to pursue, persecute
δοκ?ω, v, to think, seem
δ?ξα, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, glory
δοξ?ζω, v, to praise, honor, magnify, glorifyROM
δουλε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, slaveryROM
δο?λος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, slave
δ?ναμαι, v mid ch, to be able (“can”)
δ?ναμις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, power
δ?ο, δ?ο, δ?σι(ν), δ?ο, adj, decl 3 irreg. & no gender, two [Forms given are nom, gen, dat, acc.]
δ?δεκα, adj, indecl, twelve
δωρε?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, giftREV
??ν, cnj, if +subjunctive
??ν μ?, cnj & adv, if not, unless, except, lest +subjunctive
?που ??ν, pn/adv/cnj, wherever, whenever +subjunctive
?αυτο?, -?ς, -ο?, pn, decl 1,2, of him/her/it-self [reflexive pro.; forms given are all genitive]
?γγ?ζω, v, to come near
?γγ?ς, adv, nearREV
?γε?ρω, v, to raise up
?γκαλ?ω, v, to accuse, bring charges againstROM
?γ?, ?μο?/μο?, pn, decl irreg, I.  See ?γ? forms under pronouns.
?θνος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, nation
ε?, cnj, if, whether
ε? μ?, cnj & adv, if not, unless, except
ε?δε.  See ο?δα.
ε?δον.  See ?ρ?ω.
ε?δωλολ?τρης, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, idolater, worshipper of false godsREV
ε?κ?ν, -ονος, ?, n, decl 3, image, likeness, form, appearanceROM
ε?μ?, v irreg, to be
ε?περ, cnj, if indeed, if after all, even if, sinceROM
ε?πον.  See λ?γω.
ε?ρ?νη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, peace
ε?ς, prp, into, unto, to, up to, until, towards, for, as, in, upon, among, with respect to, because of, for the purpose of, against +acc
ε?ς, ?ν?ς;    μ?α, μι?ς;    ?ν, ?ν?ς, adj, decl 1,3, one
ε?σ?ρχομαι, v, to enter
?κ / ?ξ, prp, out of, from (within), by (means of), because of, through +gen
?καστος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, each
?κβ?λλω, v, to cast out
?κε?, adv, there
?κε?θεν, adv, thence, on the other sideREV
?κε?νος, -η, -ο, pn/adj, decl 1,2, that
?κκεντ?ω, v, to put/dig out; to dig through, transfix, pierceREV
?κκλησ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, assembly, congregation, church
?κλ?γομαι, v mid dep, to select
?κλεκτ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, chosen, select, choice, excellentROM
?κπορε?ομαι, v mid ch, to go forth/out, departREV
?κ?ν, -ο?σα, -?ν, adj/adv, decl 1,3, willing(ly), glad(ly)ROM
?λ?γχω, v, to expose, set forth, bring to light, convict, convince, reprove, admonish, correct, punish, disciplineJAS
?λεος, -ους, τ? / ?λεος, -ου, ?, n, decl 3/2, mercy, compassion, pity, clemencyJAS
?λευθερ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, freedom, libertyROM
?λευθερ?ω, v, to (set) freeROM
?λκω, v, to drag, draw, lead, impel; to flow alongJAS
?λπ?ζω, v, to hope (for) ROM
?λπ?ς, -?δος, ?, n, decl 3, hope
?μ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, my
?μο?, my.  See ?γ?.
?μπορε?ομαι, v mid ch, to traffic, trade/deal (in), conduct business, buy and sellJAS
?μπροσθεν, adv/prp, in front, ahead, forward; before, in the presence (of), ahead (of) +gen
?ν, prp, in, among, on, at, within, with, by (means of)+dat
?ν....  See ε?ς.
?νδ?νω / ?νδ?ω, v, to put on, clothe with; to creep intoREV
?νεκα, ?νεκεν, prp, because of, on account of, for the sake of +genROM
?νιαυτ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, year, (period of time)JAS
?ν?στημι, v, to be present, have come, impend, be imminentROM
?νοικ?ω, v, to live, dwell, indwellROM
?νοχος, -ον, adj, decl 2, subject/liable/answerable (to); guilty/deserving (of) +gen/datJAS
?ντε?θεν, adv, hence, on the one sideREV
?ντολ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, command(ment)
?ντυγχ?νω, v, to meet, turn to, approach, appeal, petition, pray, readROM
?ν?πιον, prp, in front (of), before, in the presence (of) +gen
?ξ.  See ?κ.
?ξ?ρχομαι, v mid ch, to go/come out
?ξουσ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, authority
?ξω, adv, outside
?π’.  See ?π?.
?παγγελ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, promise
?παγγ?λομαι, v mid dep, promise, offer, profess, assert, lay claim toJAS
?πειτα, adv, then, thereupon, thereafter, afterwardsJAS
?περωτ?ω, v, to question, ask
?π? / ?π’ / ?φ’, prp, on, upon [superposition], at, near, by, before +gen; on, near, next to [proximity] +dat; on, upon, up to, to, over, against +acc
?πιβλ?πω, v, to look at/upon, gaze at/upon, look up to, regard, have regard toJAS
?πιγι(γ)ν?σκω, v, to know, understand, recognize
?πιθυμ?ω, v, to set the heart upon, desire, crave, long for, lust (after), covet +gen/accJAS
?πικαλ?ω, v, to call (out), name; mid: to call upon, appeal (to), invokeJAS
?πιποθ?ω, v, to desire, long/yearn for, dote upon, lust afterJAS
?π?σταμαι, v pass dep, to think upon, comprehend, understand, know, be acquainted withJAS
?πιστρ?φω, v, to turn, returnREV
?πιτ?δειος, (-ε?α,) -ειον, adj, decl (1),2, necessary, needful, requisite, proper, suitableJAS
?πιτ?θημι, v, to put/lay upon, add toREV
?πιτυγχ?νω, v, to chance upon, obtain, attain to, reach +genJAS
?πτ?, adj, indecl, seven
?ραυν?ω.  See ?ρευν?ω.
?ργ?ζομαι, v mid (dep), to work, labor, do, accomplish, practice, perform, bring about, produce, work for, earnJAS
?ργον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, work
?ρευν?ω / ?ραυν?ω, v, to search, examine, investigate, fathomROM
?ρημος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, desert
?ριον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, woolREV
?ρχομαι, v mid ch, to go/come
?ρωτ?ω, v, to ask (a question)
?σθ?ς, -?τος, ?, n, decl 3, clothing, apparelJAS
?σθ?ω, v, to eat
?σχατος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, last
?τερος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, other
?τι, adv, still, yet, longer, more
?τος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, year
ε?αγγελ?ζω, v, to preach, evangelize
ε?αγγ?λιον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, gospel
ε?θ?ως, adv, immediately
ε?θ?ς, adv, immediately
ε?λογ?ω, v, to bless
ε?ρ?σκω, v, to find
?φ’.  See ?π?.
?φεσος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, EphesusREV
?φ?μερος, -ον, adj, decl 2, daily, (lasting) for a day, diurnal, ephemeralJAS
?χ.  See ?κ.
?χθρα, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, hostility, enmity, cause of enmityJAS
?χθρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, hostile, hated, hating; enemyROM
?χω, v, to have, hold
?ως, prp/conj, until, up to +gen [if used as prp]; +subjunctive [sometimes, if used as cnj]
ζ?ω, v, to live
ζηλ?ω, v, to strive, be zealous, burn with zeal; to desire, envy, be filled with jealousyJAS
ζητ?ω, v, to seek
ζω?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, life
ζ?νη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, girdle, beltREV
ζ?οποι?ω, v, to make alive, give life to, quickenROM
?, cnj, than, or [sometimes not translated when it introduces a question]
?...?, cnj, either...or
?δη, adv, already
?δον?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, sensual pleasure, desire (for pleasure), lustJAS
?με?ς, ?μ?ν, ?μ?ν, ?μ?ς, pn, we.  See ?γ? forms under pronouns.
?μ?ρα, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, day
?μ?ν.  See ?με?ς.
θ?λασσα, -ης, ?, (Attic θ?λαττα) n, decl 1, sea, lake
θανατ?ω, v, to put to death, kill, hand over to be killed, bring deathROM
θ?νατος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, death
θαυμ?ζω, v, to marvel (at)
θ?λημα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, will
θ?λω, v, to wish
Θε?ς/θε?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, God, god, (goddess)
θεραπε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, service, healing, householdREV
θεραπε?ω, v, to heal
θερμα?νω, v, to warm, heatJAS
θεωρ?ω, v, to behold
θ?ριον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, wild animal
θλ?ψις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, affliction
θνητ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, mortalROM
θρ?ξ, τριχ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, hairREV
θρ?νος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, throne, seatREV
Θυ?τειρα, -ων, τ?, n, decl 2 or 3 pl, ThyatiraREV
θ?ρα, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, door
θυσιαστ?ριον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, altarJAS
?δε/?δ?/?δο?, int/v, behold! lo! see! (aor. imper. act./mid. 2nd sing. of ?ρ?ω/ε?δον)REV
?διος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, (one’s) own
?δο?.  See ?δε.
?δ... (other than above).  See ?ρ?ω.
?ερε?ς, -?ως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, priestREV
?ερ?ν, -ο?, τ?, n, decl 2, temple
?ησο?ς, -ο?, -ο?, -ο?ν, ?, n, decl 2 irreg, Jesus [Forms given are nom, gen, dat, acc.]
?καν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, able, sufficient
?μ?τιον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, garment
?να, cnj, in order that +subjunctive
?σα?κ, ?, n, indecl, Isaac (“he shall laugh”)JAS
?στημι, v, to place, stand
?ω?ν(ν)ης, -ου, -?/ει, -ην, ?, n, decl 1, John [Forms given are nom, gen, dat, acc.]REV
κ?γ? [=κα? + ?γ?], κ?μο?, κ?μ?, cnj, and I, I also [Forms given are nom, dat, acc.]REV
καθ’.  See κατ?.
καθαρ?ζω, v, to cleanse, purify, consecrateJAS
κ?θημαι, v mid ch slightly irreg, to sit
καθ?ζω, v, to set, sit down
καθιστ?νω.  See καθ?στημι.
καθ?στημι, v slightly irreg, to set (down), place, put, bring, take, conduct, designate, appoint, ordain, constitute, render, make, declare, show (oneself)JAS
καθ?, cnj/adv, according to that which, as, after the manner that, in so far as, to the degree thatROM
καθ?ς, cnj/adv, just as
κα?, cnj, and, but, also, even, indeed
κα?...κα? OR τ?...κα?, cnj, both…and, as…so, not only…but also
καιρ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, time (appointed)
κακ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, evil, bad
καλ?ω, v, to call
καλ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, good, beautiful
καλ?ς, adv, well, beautifullyJAS
κ?μινος, -ου, ?/?, n, decl 2, furnaceREV
καρδ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, heart
καρπ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, fruit
κατ’.  See κατ?.
κατ? / κατ’ / καθ’, prp, down from, against +gen; down, during, by [distributive], according to +acc
καταβα?νω, v, to go down
καταδυναστε?ω, v, to oppress, exploit, dominate +genJAS
κατ?θεμα, -τος, τ?, n, decl 3, curse, accursed thingREV
κατακαυχ?ομαι, v mid ch, to boast against, exult/glory/triumph over +genJAS
κατ?κριμα, -τος, τ?, n, decl 3, punishment, doom, condemnation, damnationROM
κατακρ?νω, v, to condemnROM
καταλαλ?ω, v, to speak against, speak evil of, defame, slanderAS
κατ?φεια, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, downcastness, gloominess, dejection, sadnessJAS
κατοικ?ω, v, to dwell, inhabit
καυχ?ομαι, v, to boast (about), glory (in), vauntAS
κα?χησις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, boasting, glorying, vauntingJAS
κε?μαι, v mid ch, to lie (down)
κελε?ω, v, to command
κεν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, empty, vainJAS
κεν?ς, adv, idly, vainly, in vain, to no purposeJAS
κερδα?νω, v, to gain, acquireAS
κεφαλ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, head
κηρ?σσω, v, to proclaim, preach
κ?νδυνος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, danger, riskROM
κλα?ω, v, to weep, cry
κλε?ς, -δ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, key
κληρον?μος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, heirROM
κ?πτω, v, to cut, strike, smite; mid: to beat one’s breast for griefREV
κ?σμος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, world
κρ?ζω, v, to cry/call out
κρατ?ω, v, to grasp, hold, arrest
κρ?τος, -ους/-εος, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, dominionREV
κρ?νω, v, to judge
κρ?σις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, judgment
κριτ?ριον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, lawcourt, tribunal, judgment (seat), canon, lawsuit, caseJAS
κριτ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 1, judgeJAS
κρ?σταλλος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, crystalREV
κτ?σις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, creation, creatureROM
κυριακ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, Lord’s, LordlyREV
κ?ριος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, lord
κ?ων, κυν?ς, ?/?, n, decl 3, dogREV
λαλ?ω, v, to speak
λαμβ?νω, v, to take, receive
λαμπρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, shining, brilliant; clear, transparent; splendid, magnificentREV
Λαοδικ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, LaodiceaREV
λα?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, people
λατρε?ω, v, to serve, ministerREV
λ?γω, v, to say
λε?πω, v, to leave (behind), forsake, lack, fail, fall short, lag, be absentJAS
λευκ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, light, bright, brilliant, whiteREV
λ?θος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, stone
λιμ?ς, -ο?, ?/?, n, decl 2, hunger, famineROM
λογ?ζομαι, v mid dep, to count, reckon, calculate, compute, estimate, evaluate, impute, determine, deem, considerJAS
λ?γος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, word, reason, meaning, matter
λοιπ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, remaining
λυχν?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, (candlestick) lampstand; candelabrumREV
λ?χνος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, lamp, candleREV
λ?ω, v, to loose, destroy
μαθητ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 1, disciple
μακ?ριος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, blessed
μ?λλον, adv, more, rather
μανθ?νω, v, to learn
μαρτυρ?ω, v, to witness, testify (of)
μαρτυρ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, testimonyREV
μ?ρτυς, -υρος, ?, n, decl 3, witnessREV
μαστ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, breast, (pectoral?)REV
μαται?της, -ητος, ?, n, decl 3, emptiness, futility, purposelessness, transitoriness, frustration, follyROM
μ?χαιρα, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, sword, saberROM
μ?χη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, fight, combat, battle, strife, contention, quarrelJAS
μ?χομαι, v mid dep, to fight, war, quarrel, wrangle, disputeJAS
μ?γας, μεγ?λου (acc. μ?γαν);    μεγ?λη, μεγ?λης;    μ?γα, μεγ?λου;    compar. με?ζων/μειζ?τερος; superl. μ?γιστος, adj, decl 1,2, great; (greater, greatest)
μ?γιστος.  Superlative of μ?γας.
μεθ’.  See μετ?.
μειζ?τερος.  Comparative of μ?γας.
με?ζων.  Comparative of μ?γας.
μ?λος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, member/part (of the body), limbJAS
μ?λλω, v, to be about (to do something)
μ?ν, prt, [clause distinguisher, often not translated]
μ?ν...δ?, prt, on the one hand...on the other
μ?ντοι, prt, though, however, howbeit, nevertheless, yet, despite that, indeed [postpositive]JAS
μ?νω, v, to remain, abide
μ?ρος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, part
μ?σος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, middle
μετ’.  See μετ?.
μετ? / μετ’ / μεθ’, prp, with +gen; after +acc
μεταστρ?φω, v, to turn (around), transmute, change, alter, pervertJAS
μετατρ?πω, v, to turn (around)JAS
μ?τωπον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, foreheadREV
μ?, adv/cnj, not [with non-indic. moods; see ο?]; lest, (in order that) not +subjunctive; [not translated when introducing questions, where it signifies that a negative answer is anticipated]
??ν μ?, cnj & adv, if not, unless, except, lest +subjunctive
ε? μ?, cnj & adv, if not, unless, except
μ?...μηδ?, cnj, neither...nor, not...neither, not...nor
ο? μ?, adv, never, certainly not
μηδ?, cnj/adv, and not, but not, nor, not even
μηδ?...μηδ?, cnj/adv, neither...nor, not...neither, not...nor
μηδε?ς, μηδεν?ς;     μηδεμ?α, μηδεμ?ας;    μηδ?ν, μηδεν?ς, adj, decl 1,3, no one, nothing
μ?ν, μην?ς, ?, n, decl 3, month, new moonREV
μητ?ρ, μητρ?ς, ?, n, decl 3 odd, mother
μ?α.  See ε?ς.
μικρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, small
μισ?ω, v, to hate
μισθ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, wages, hire, reward, recompenseREV
μοιχαλ?ς, ?δος, ?, n, decl 3, adulteressJAS
μοιχε?ω, v, to commit adulteryJAS
μ?νος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, alone, only
μο?, pn, my.  See ?γ?.
μυστ?ριον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, mystery, secret (rite, teaching)REV
να?, adv, yea, truly, even soREV
να?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, temple
νεκρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, dead
νεφ?λη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, cloudREV
ν?σος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, islandREV
νικ?ω, v, to conquer
νομοθ?της, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, lawgiver, legislatorJAS
ν?μος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, law
ν?μφη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, fiancée, bride, young woman, daughter-in-lawREV
ν?ν, adv, now
ν?ξ, νυκτ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, night
ξ?λον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, wood, treeREV
?, ?, τ?, adj, decl 1,2, the
?δε, ?δε, τ?δε, pn, decl 1,2 (declined as article plus δε), this (one here)JAS
?δ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, way, road
ο?δα, v, to know [perfect form used with present meaning]
ο?κ?ω, v, to live, dwell (in), inhabitROM
ο?κ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, house
ο?κος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, house
?λ?γος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, few, little, small, short, brief, slight, light, somewhatJAS
?λος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, whole, all
?μοιος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, like, similar
?μο?ωμα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, likeness, image, copy, form, appearanceROM
?μο?ως, adv, likewise, so, similarlyJAS
?νομα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, name
?ξ?ς, ?ξ?ος;    ?ξε?α, ?ξε?ας;    ?ξ?, ?ξ?ος, adj, decl 1,3 odd, sharp, swift, quickREV
?π?σω, prp/adv, back, behind, after +gen; afterwardsREV
?που, pn/adv/cnj, where, whither, since + indicative or subjunctive
?που ?ν, pn/adv/cnj, whenever +imperfect
?που ?ν/??ν, pn/adv/cnj, wherever, whenever +subjunctive
?πως, cnj, in order that +subjunctive
?ρ?ω, v, to see
?ρος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, mountain
?ς, ?, ?, pn, decl 1,2, who, which, that [relat. pro.]
?σος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, as great/much/many as; how large/great/much/many; what [relat. adj.]
?στις, ?τις, ? τι, pn, who/which/what (-ever) [indef. relat. pro.]
?ταν, cnj, at the time that, whenever, when +subjunctive [present for contemporaneous action; aorist for action preceding that in the main clause] or indicative
?τε, cnj/pn, when, while
?τι, cnj, that, because, since
ο? / ο?κ / ο?χ, adv, not +indicative.  (See μ?).
ο?δ?, cnj/adv, and not, but not, nor, not even
ο?δ?... ο?δ?, cnj/adv, neither...nor
ο?δε?ς, ο?δεν?ς;    ο?δεμ?α, ο?δεμ?ας;    ο?δ?ν, ο?δεν?ς, adj, decl 1,3, no one, nothing
ο?κ.  See ο?.
ο?κ?τι, adv, no longer
ο?ν, adv, therefore
ο?ραν?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, heaven
ο?τε, cnj/adv, and not
ο?τε...ο?τε, cnj/adv, neither...nor
ο?τος, α?τη, το?το, pn, this [demonstrative pro.]
ο?τως, adv, thus, so
ο?χ.  See ο?.
ο?χ?, adv, not
?φειλ?της, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, debtor, one obligatedROM
?φε?λω, v, to owe
?φελος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, benefit, advantage, profitJAS
?φθαλμ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, eye
?χλος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, crowd
?ψις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, sight, face, countenance, appearanceREV
π?θημα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, suffering, misfortune, passionROM
παιδ?ον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, child
π?λιν, adv, again
παντοκρ?τωρ, -ορος, ?, n, decl 3, almighty, he who holds (sway over) all things, all-ruling oneREV
παρ’.  See παρ?.
παρ? / παρ’, prp, from (the side of) +gen; at/by (the side of), beside, near, with +dat; at/to/by (the side of); because of; throughout [of time]; (more) than, compared with, beyond, contrary to, against +acc
παραβ?της, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, transgressorJAS
παραβολ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, parable
παραδ?δωμι, v, to deliver over
παρακαλ?ω, v, to summon
παραλαμβ?νω, v, to take, receive
π?ς, παντ?ς;    π?σα, π?σης;    π?ν, παντ?ς, adj, decl 1,3, all, every, whole
π?σχω, v, to suffer
πατ?ρ, πατρ?ς, ?, n, decl 3 odd, father
Π?τμος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, PatmosREV
πε?θω, v, to persuade, convince, conciliate +acc; passive: to obey, follow +dat; perfect [with present meaning] active: to depend/rely (on), trust/put confidence (in) +dat; perfect passive: be convinced (of) (+acc {+inf})
π?μπω, v, to send
πενθ?ω, v, to grieve, mourn (over/for), bewail, lamentJAS
π?νθος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3, grief, mourning, lamentationJAS
Π?ργαμος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, PergamusREV
περ?, prp, about, concerning +gen; about, near, around +acc
περιζωνν?ω / περιζ?ννυμι, v, to gird (around)REV
περιπατ?ω, v, to walk around
π?νω, v, to drink
π?πτω, v, to fall
πιστε?ω, v, to believe +acc/dat
π?στις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, faith
πιστ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, faithful
πλαν?ω, v, to lead astray
πλατε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, street, broad wayREV
πλε?ων (-ονος), -ον, adj, decl 3, more
πληγ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, blow, wound, public calamity, heavy affliction, plagueREV
πληρ?ω, v, to fill, fulfill
πλησ?ον, (?), adv/n/prp, (indecl 2), near, close by; neighbor; near (to), close to +genJAS
πλο?ον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, boat
πλο?σιος, -?α, -ιον, adj, decl 1,2, rich, wealthyJAS
πλ?νω, v, to washREV
πνε?μα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, spirit
ποδ?ρης, -ες, adj, decl 3 odd, reaching to the feetREV
ποδ?ς.  See πο?ς.
π?θεν, adv, whence?, from where?; how?, why? [interrog. adv.]JAS
ποι?ω, v, to do, make
ποιητ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 1, doer, maker, producer, author, performer, fulfiller, poetJAS
πο?ος, -α, -ον, pn, decl 1,2, what kind/sort/manner/nature? [interrog. pro.]JAS
πολεμ?ω, v, to war, battle, fightJAS
π?λεμος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, war, warfare, fight, battle, strifeJAS
π?λις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, city
πολ?ς, πολλο?;    πολλ?, πολλ?ς;    πολ?, πολλο?, adj, decl 1,2, much, great, many
πονηρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, evil
πορε?ομαι, v mid ch, to go, proceed, travel
π?ρνη, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, (female) prostitute, harlot, strumpetJAS
π?ρνος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, fornicator, male prostituteREV
ποταμ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, stream, riverREV
πο?, adv, where? [interrog. adv.]
πο?ς, ποδ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, foot
πρ?ξις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, acting, activity, function, way of acting, course of action, plan of action, undertaking, act, action, deed, state, condition, situationROM
πρ?ττω, v, to do
πρεσβ?τερος, -α, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, older
πρ?, prp, before +gen
πρ?βατον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, sheepROM
προγι(γ)ν?σκω, v, to foreknowROM
πρ?θεσις, -εως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, setting forth, putting out, presentationROM
προορ?ζω, v, to predestine, predetermine, decide beforehandROM
πρ?ς, prp, for, toward, from (the side of / the point of view of) +gen;   at, near, around, in addition to +dat;   to, towards [of motion, time, speech]; for [of time, request]; against [of dispute]; for (the purpose of), so that, on behalf of, at, by, near, beside, with, with reference to, according to +acc
προσ?ρχομαι, v mid ch, to approach +dat
προσε?χομαι, v mid ch, to pray
προσ?χω, v, to turn one’s mind to, heed
προσκυν?ω, v, to worship
προσφ?ρω, v, to bring
προσωπολη(μ)πτ?ω, v, to “face-receive,” favor an individual, show partiality, have respect to personsJAS
προσωπολη(μ)ψ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, “face-receiving,” partiality, favoritismJAS
πρ?σωπον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, face
προφητε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, prophecyREV
προφ?της, -ου, ?, n, decl 1, prophet
πρω?ν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, (of the) morningREV
πρ?τος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, first
πρωτ?τοκος, -ον, adj/n, decl 2, firstbornREV
πτα?ω, v, to stumble, trip, err, be ruined/lost; [outside NT also:] to cause to stumbleJAS
πτωχ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj/n, decl 1,2, poor, begging, beggarly, miserable, destitute; beggar, pauperJAS
πυλ?ν, -?νος, ?, n, decl 3, (large palace) gate, porchREV
π?ρ, πυρ?ς, τ?, n, decl 3, fire
πυρ?ω, v, to burn with fire, kindleREV
π?ς, adv, how? [interrog. adv.]
?α?β, ?, n, indecl, Rahab (“broad, wide”)JAS
??μα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, word
??ζα, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, root, sprout, shootREV
?ομφα?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, large swordREV
?υπα?νω, v, to make filthy, befoul, defile, dishonorREV
?υπαρ?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, filthy, dirty, defiled, baseREV
σ?ββατον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, sabbath
σ?λπιγξ, -ιγγος, ?, n, decl 3, trumpetREV
Σ?ρδεις, -εων, α?, n, decl 3 pl, SardisREV
σ?ρξ, σαρκ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, flesh
σημα?νω, v, to give a sign, signify, make knownREV
σημε?ον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, sign
σ?μερον, adv, today
Σμ?ρνα, -ης, ?, n, decl 1, SmyrnaREV
σο?.  See σ?.
σοφ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, wisdom
σπε?ρω, v, to sow
σπ?ρμα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, seed
σταυρ?ω, v, to crucify
στεν?ζω, v, to sigh, groanROM
στεναγμ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, sigh, groan(ing)ROM
στενοχωρ?α, -ας, ?,  n, decl 1, distress, difficulty, anguish, troubleROM
στολ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, garment, clothing, equipmentREV
στ?μα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, mouth
στρατε?ομαι, v mid ch/dep, to soldier, serve as a soldier, lead soldiers, fight [Attic, sometimes στρατε?ω]JAS
σ?, σο?, pn, thou [you singular].  See ?γ? forms under pronouns.
συγκληρον?μος, -ον, adj/n, decl 2, inheriting together (with) +gen; fellow-heirROM
συμμαρτυρ?ω, v, to testify (with), bear witness (with), confirmROM
σ?μμορφος, -ον, adj, decl 2, same or similar in formROM
συμπ?σχω, v, to suffer with, suffer the same thing as +datROM
σ?ν, prp, (together) with, by the aid of +dat
συν?γω, v, to gather together
συναγωγ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, synagogue, assembly
συναντιλαμβ?νομαι, v mid ch/dep, to take part with, help, come to the aid of +genROM
συνδοξ?ζω, v, to join (others) in praising; passive: to be glorified with someone, share in someone’s gloryROM
σ?νδουλος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, fellow-servantREV
συνεργ?ω, v, to work (together) with, cooperate (with), helpROM
συνκοινων?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, participant with others, “together-fellowshiper”REV
συνωδ?νω, v, to be in travail/labor withROM
συστεν?ζω, v, to lament/groan together (with)ROM
σφαγ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, slaughterROM
σφραγ?ζω, v, to seal, set a seal upon, mark with a sealREV
σ?ζω, v, to save
σ?μα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, body
σωτηρ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, salvation
ταλαιπωρ?ω, v, to languish, be wretched/miserable/afflicted, endure sorrow/distress/hardship; to torment, afflictJAS
ταπειν?ς, -?, -?ν, adj, decl 1,2, low, lowly, humble, poor, base, subservientJAS
ταπειν?ω, v, to lower, make low, level, humble, abase, humiliateJAS
τ?χος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, quickness, speedREV
ταχ?, adv, quickly, speedilyREV
τ?, cnj, and [postpositive enclitic]
τ?...τ? OR τ?...κα?, cnj, both…and, as…so, not only…but also
τ?κνον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, child
τελει?ω, v, to complete, finish, accomplish, perfect, fulfillJAS
τελ?ω, v, to finish, complete, accomplish, perform, execute, fulfill, payJAS
τηρ?ω, v, to keep
τ?θημι, v, to place, put, set, lay
τιμ?ω, v, to honor
τιμ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, honor, respect
τις, τι, pn, any, some, a certain; anyone/anything, someone/something, a certain one [indef. pro.]
τ?ς, τ?, pn, who?, which?, what?; (in neuter also:) why? [interrog. pro.]
το?νυν, cnj/adv, hence, so, then, therefore, indeed, accordingly [postpositive]JAS
τοιο?τος, τοια?τη, τοιο?το(ν), adj, decl 1,2, such
τ?πος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, place
τ?τε, adv, then
το?το.  See ο?τος.
τρε?ς, τρ?α, n, decl 3 pl, three  [Forms given are M/F and N.]
τρ?α.  See τρε?ς.
τρ?τος, -η, -ον, adj, decl 1,2, third
τροφ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, nourishment, foodJAS
τυφλ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, blind man
?δωρ, ?δατος, τ?, n, decl 3, water
υ?οθεσ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, adoptionROM
υ??ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, son
?με?ς, ?μ?ν, pn, you (ye).  See ?γ? forms under pronouns.
?μ?ν.  See ?με?ς.
?π’.  See ?π?.
?π?γω, v, to depart
?π?ρχω, v, to exist, be present, be
?π?ρ, prp, above, for, because of, for the sake of, in behalf of, instead of, about, concerning +gen; over, above, exceeding, beyond +acc
?περεντυγχ?νω, v, to plead, intercedeROM
?περ?φανος, -ον, adj, decl 2, conspicuous, arrogant, haughty, proud, overbearingJAS
?περνικ?ω, v, to hyper-conquer, vanquish beyondROM
?π? / ?π’ / ?φ’, prp, by [personal agent], through [cause], under +gen;   under [of rest] +dat;   under [of motion, subservience]; about, during, toward [of time] +acc
?ποδ?χομαι, v mid dep, to receive, welcome, entertain as guestJAS
?πομον?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, steadfastness, enduranceREV
?ποπ?διον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, footstoolJAS
?ποταγ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, subjection, subordination, obedienceROM
?ποτ?σσω, v, to subject, subordinate; passive: to obeyROM
?φ’.  See ?π?.
?ψ?ω, v, to elevate, exalt, lift up (on high), raise highJAS
?ψωμα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, height, exaltationROM
φα?νω, v, to shine; passive: to appearREV
φανερ?ω, v, to manifest
φ?ρμακος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, one who prepares or uses magical remedies; sorcerorREV
φε?δομαι, v mid dep, to spare, refrainROM
φ?ρω, v, to bear, carry
φε?γω, v, to flee
φημ?, v, to say
φθ?νος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, envy, jealousy, spiteJAS
φθορ?, - ?ς, ?, n, decl 1, ruin, destruction, dissolution, deterioration, corruptionROM
Φιλαδελφ?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, PhiladelphiaREV
φιλ?ω, v, to love
φ?λος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, friend
φλ?ξ, φλογ?ς, ?, n, decl 3, flameREV
φοβ?ομαι, v mid dep, to fear
φ?βος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, fear
φονε?ς, -?ως, ?, n, decl 3 odd, murdererREV
φονε?ω, v, to (commit) murder, kill, slayJAS
φρ?σσω, v, to shudder, bristle, chill, trembleJAS
φρον?ω, v, to think, form/hold an opinion, judge, set one’s mind on, be minded/disposedROM
φρ?νημα, -ατος, τ?, n, decl 3, way of thinking, mind, mindset, aim, aspiration, strivingROM
φυλακ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, guard, prison
φυλ?ττω, v, to guard
φυλ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, tribeREV
φ?λλον, -ου, τ?, n, decl 2, leafREV
φων?ω, v, to sound, call
φων?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, sound, voice
φ?ς, φωτ?ς, τ?, n, decl 3, light
φωτ?ζω, v, to shine, illumineREV
χα?ρω, v, to rejoice
χαλκολ?βανον, -ου, τ?, [OR -ος, -ου, ?], n, decl 2, chalcolibanus, brass-frankincenseREV
χαρ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, joy
χαρ?ζομαι, v mid dep, to give freely/graciously as a favor; to remit, forgive, pardon; to show oneself graciousROM
χ?ρις, -ιτος, ?, n, decl 3, grace
χε?ρ, -?ς, ?, n, decl 3, hand
χι?ν, -?νος, ?, n, decl 3, snowREV
χορτ?ζω, v, to feed, fill, satisfy, satiate, gorge, glutJAS
χρε?α, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, need
χριστ?ς, -ο?, ?, n, decl 2, anointed, ChristREV
χρ?νος, -ου, ?, n, decl 2, time, period of time
χρ?σεος, -σ?α (acc. -σ?ν), -σεον, adj, decl 1,2, goldenREV
χρυσοδακτ?λιος, -ον, adj, decl 2, gold-fingered, with gold ring(s) on one’s finger(s), gold-ringedJAS
χωρ?ζω, v, to divide, separate; passive: to separate (oneself), be separated, be taken away, go awayROM
χωρ?ς, adv: separately; prp: apart from, without, in addition to +gen
ψε?δος, -ους, τ?, n, decl 3 odd, lieREV
ψυχ?, -?ς, ?, n, decl 1, soul
?, int, O [introducing vocative]JAS
? / ω, τ?, n, o, omegaREV
?δε, adv, hither, here
?ρα, -ας, ?, n, decl 1, hour
?ς, cnj/adv, how; as, like; that +indirect discourse; on the ground that +participle; because; in order that; when, since
?σα?τως, adv, similarly, likewiseROM
?σπερ, cnj/adv, just as, even as, asJAS
?στε, cnj, and so, so that, therefore [postpositive]