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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy

in creative expression and knowledge."


Albert Einstein

Courses Taught

Advanced Visual Basic   
BASIC Programming   
C# Programming   
Study of the C# programming language. .Net architecture, object-oriented C#, Windows applications, etc.
Computer And Society   
Introduction to computers, technology, issues and applications. Enable students to evaluate the impacts that computers have on individuals and society
Computer Architecture   
Data Structures   
Delphi for Developers   
Delphi Programming   
Introduction to Microsoft Excel. Covers data management and reporting using spreadsheets, charts, database tools and macros.
Introduction to E-Commerce   
E-commerce infrastructure, intranets & extranets, electronic payment systems, marketing research, advertising, e-commerce strategies, & privacy issues
Java Programming   
MS SQL Server   
Microsoft SQL Server, relational database cencepts, programming with SQL and Transact-SQL, using client tools.
The course covers database concepts and the use of SQL (structured query language).

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