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Cherise O'Connell's e-Portfolio for EXL Scholars 


Reflection Experience

In my Introduction to Organizational Communication class, my group created a project to benefit MTSU's campus. We called this project "Our Bright Idea!"


Objective: To improve safety on campus by adding more lights and using innovative lighting strategies.


We provided the audience with four areas on campus that we believed we the most dangerous and most poorly lit. We gave them diagrams of these areas and possible places to add more lights. We also discussed the possible cost savings of solar-powered lighting.


I personally really enjoyed this assignment. It gave me a chance to work with others for a good cause - bettering the safety on campus. It gave me an idea of how unsafe campus can be at night, especially in areas that are not well lit. Everyone in the group put forth a tremendous effort to make this project the best that it could be. Everyone in the group shared tasks evenly, and we were all very happy with the end result. The only problem we came across was with faculty at the campus. They did not seem impressed with the ideas we presented, and they felt that these problems had already been addressed. In the future, I would want to get a better idea of how an organization has already handled the problem before presenting them with possible solutions.