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Cherise O'Connell's e-Portfolio for EXL Scholars 


Planning Skills

I was able to demonstrate my planning skills in my Event Planning class by throwing a bridal shower for my best friend. After the shower, I wrote a paper all about the event. Here is a portion of the paper:



For this assignment, I planned a bridal shower for my best friend. The objective of this shower is for her to spend time with friends and family and receive gifts that will be useful to her and her husband-to-be once they are married. Her wedding is at the beginning of August, so I chose to have the wedding shower on Saturday, June 7th


I chose to hold this event at The Front Porch in Dickson, TN. I picked this restaurant because it is located in my best friend's hometown. Also, I used to work at The Front Porch, and I know they have excellent catering services. The owner offered to let me use the facilities free-of-charge. Saturday is a good day to have the shower there, because the restaurant is closed every Saturday. The size of the restaurant is perfect for the number of guests because the main area can seat 32 people. There are also two additional areas that can be used to store gifts and other things.



The theme I ultimately chose was the “Must Have” bridal shower. This is a party in which the guests brings gifts for the bride that they feel are essential items.



In conclusion, I feel that the event was very successful. I had plenty of time for preparation, which reduced stress. Also, having The Front Porch was a tremendous help, especially with cost. I greatly looked forward to this shower and feel it was a success.