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Career Leader Results

Career Leader Results:





  • Clayton is motivated by seeing results.  He likes to be rewarded for his efforts and have other people see what he accomplishes.
  • Clayton works well in team environments, and enjoys taking on the leadership roll within teams.
  • Clayton is assertive, influential, and likes to take risks.


Top Interests:


  • Clayton's top interests include; influence through actions and ideas, entrepreneurial Attributes, and managing people and relationships.


Strengthening Clayton's Weaknesses:


  • Clayton needs to work on his empathy skills, because at times he may come across as uninterested in what others have to say.
  • Clayton needs to become more organized, to keep the day to day activities of his life flowing.
  • Clayton also needs to work on his time management skills, which will help prevent procrastination.


Job Titles Matching Clayton's Personality:


  • Investment Banking
  • Real Estate Development
  • Retail Management

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