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Class Lesson Notes & Other Resources

Hello EDPM form 4 (groups 4 and 5) and form 5 (groups 4).  Here are the links to your course materials (lesson notes, assignments, projects, etc).  Please access these links frequently since new material will be added every cycle.


Form 4 --> Click here


Form 5 --> Click here for your form 4 (2014) notes         Click here for form 5 notes.


Please note that you are able to contact me using the Contact me (secure) link to the bottom left of this page.  The system will send me an email but before this happens, you have to log into your email account to verify the message so that I can receive it.



After School Lessons Notes and Other Resources

Click here for after-school lessons (Mondays and Wednesdays) notes




CXC EDPM Syllabus

The EDPM CXC syllabus currently being used for both form fours and fives can be viewed or downloaded freely via the following link:


CXC (CSEC) EDPM Syllabus




Viewing and Downloading Text Files and Videos

After clicking on the above links to the notes, you can view the contents of a file by clicking on its name or icon. You can download all of the files together in a zipped (or compressed folder) by clicking on the blue "download" button at the top of the page.


In order to download files one at a time, first open the file and then click on the blue "download" button.  The download process for some videos may differ.  Open the video and then look for three small dots to the bottom right corner of the screen.  The words "more actions" will appear when the mouse pointer is placed on them.  Click on these 3 dots and then on the download button which appears.


To view the full the names of all files, click on the small icon to the top right of the page which comprises 4 short lines.  There is another icon near it which is made up of 4 small squares.