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Registration Mandate




       As senior sonography students, we have realized that there is an issue in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography that is prominent in our area.  Technologists are practicing without being registered in our field.  We take our profession serious, and we want to confront this issue.  We decided to become leaders in our field by striving for a change.  With your support and our combined efforts we want to change this dilema and mandate that all diagnostic medical sonographers become registered.  We are petitioning legistation.  With your help we will make a difference.  This is a serious issue that sonographers are facing.  We cannot be taken serious if we are not required to be registered.  We can write a suspected diagnosis to the radiologist, but we are not mandated to be registered.

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     Our senior practicum will consist of pushing for legislation that directly mandates every ultrasound technologist to be registered. This project will consist of lobbying to our state legislation and the Department of Health and Human Service. This project will promote registry awareness and encourage mandates for registry requirement for diagnostic medical sonographers. Currently, we are not required to be registered while working in Georgia. 


We have created a poster and flyers promoting the need for our Diagnostic Medical Sonography Registration Mandate. On July 11th and 18th we will set up in the school’s cafeteria with petitions to push for registration and attain as many signatures as possible. During clinic, we will individually petition and address the junior class to attain support as well.  After obtaining numerous supporters, we will send our petition to our state Congress and to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality. We will be heard.


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