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Cherise O'Connell's e-Portfolio for EXL Scholars 


In my Consulting and Auditing class, I wrote a consulting paper for a very successful company. Through this paper, I analyzed the company's strengths and weaknesses and provided a plan for improvement. Here is a portion of the paper:


After a thorough audit of the company I found five areas that I feel need improvement to make this company run more smoothly. These areas are the website, holism within each store, meetings, customer service awards, and the People Plus Training program.


In conclusion, change can be beneficial for any company. As a change consultant for this company, I feel alterations to the five areas I addressed previously would promote growth and success for the company. I specifically targeted areas that could be changed with very little monetary cost. All of my suggestions would be relatively easy to do, but I feel that they would greatly improve communication both internally and externally for the company. More than anything I focused on improving things that are already in place in the company, instead of creating new ideas.