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 There is too much talk about the negative side of imperialism. People speculate that it "tears up civilizations" and ruins the lives of people.  Although imperialism has had some harmful effects in the past, the concept has revolutionized the America that we know today.  Many of our nations' greatest innovations and advancements are pure products of imperialism.  In fact, without imperialism, we would probably still be living in caves and hunting for food in the wildnerness.  The human life expectancy would be 25 years and we, as individuals, would die as victims of nature.  Imperialism has advanced the human species and made America the great and prosperous nation that we live in.  A few were sacrificed for the good of everyone, for the good of the nation.






Can you make an omelet without cracking a few eggs?

Can you renovate a house without tearing down a few walls?

Can you build a fire without burning a few logs?


The question now becomes...



The answer is






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