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About Me



About Me


My name is Jennifer Morris and I am eighteen years old. I was born in Savannah, Georgia, but we moved to Six Mile, South Carolina when I was five, after the death of my father. Leaving the city I was born in and where all of the memories of my father were was very hard, but after living in Six Mile for over thirteen years now I do consider it home. It's the place where I grew up and I am the person I am today because of it.



I went to high school at D.W. Daniel High School, and I had some of the best times of my life there. I grew up and I made the friends I have today at that establishment. Also, football is really big at Daniel, actually all sports are big at Daniel. Right now the Lions are undeafeted with a record of 12-0.

Currently, I am attending Tri-County Technical College with the intention of transfering to Clemson University after two years at Tech. I am majoring in English and when I transfer to Clemson my minor will be in communications.



My main hobbies are reading and watching movies. I love cuddling up with a good book on a cold day. Catching a glimpse of someone else's life for a few hours. Getting to escape the monotony of my everyday life. I guess that would be the same reason why I love movies so much.          



My family is a big part of who I am mostly because my family is so big. I have a brother and sister and I also have a half sister. My brother, Paul, is twenty-three and he lives in Greenville, South Carolina. My sister, Jessica, is twenty-one and lives in Ohio. My sister also has a baby, Jordan. I love her very much and so far she is my favorite niece, mainly because she is my only niece. My half-sister, Lauren, is twelve. It's weird calling her my step-sister because I never think of her being anything other than just my sister.

After my dad died and we moved up to South Carolina my mom eventually got remarried to Greg who is my step-dad. I loved my father very much and I do not think that anyone could ever take his place, but I do believe that Greg is a great dad to Lauren and he has been a great father figure to me.

*Just a side note my mother and step-father have been married for twelve years, but my mom did not just run out and get married right after my father died. My father died when I was four and he and my mother had been seperated for a about a year and half before that. Just thought I would let you know.



I think that I have some of the world's greatest friends, and I know that a lot of people may say that but it's true. My best friend, Cassie, and I have been friends for a couple of years now and we do practically everything together. Everyone thinks that we're sisters and some even think that we're twins because we look so much alike. We also act just alike, too. You might think that, that would get annoying after a while, but it doesn't. She is hilarious! My other best friends are Lindsay and Katelyn. I have known them since kindergarten, but we really became best friends in high school. I don't know if I would have made it through high school without the two of them. They are so funny and they are always there for me when I need them.