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English 101 Portfolio 


COL 105


COL 105



COL 105 class is basically a course that teaches you how to be successful in college. I have learned how to correct the mistakes that I have been making for years without even realizing it. Whether it's how I study, write papers, or even spend my "free time". Also, we were put into success teams to help us out when we need it. I have found having a success team has been very beneficial to me because whenever I have missed class someone in my team will catch me up to speed.


Diversity Workshop:

The diversity workshop, basically, was to show us how different everyone is from each other, and that we should not judge someone from being different from us but we should be open to listening to their point of views. Because, when you are open to listening to people with different backgrounds and views from your own you may realize that their views are not that different from your own.



I really liked the diversity workshop and the fact that it was interactive. We got to share our opinions and speak freely without anyone juding us. I also like the fact that I got to learn a lot about some of the people in my classes that otherwise I might not have known. It just goes to show, you really can't judge a book by its cover no matter how cliche that sounds.


Poetry Reading:

The poetry reading was a just what it sounds like. Everyone was supposed to bring a piece of poetry a read it aloud. However, not everyone brought something so a few people looked up some pieces on the internet and the man in charge of the workshop handed out some pieces he had saved.



I liked the poetry reading a lot. It was very relaxed and the guy in charge was really funny and a great writer. I liked hearing some of the student's poetry because it's kind of like peeking into their life for a second and seeing what they truly feel. I think it was really brave of the students who read. It takes a lot of courage to do read your own writing in front of complete strangers.