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English 101 Portfolio 


ENG 101


ENG 101



English 101 is a course that helps us develope our writing skills. We deal with MLA format and simple things like grammar and comma use. These skills are critical for almost any job because you may be required to write reports. And you also do not want to lose out on a job because your resume has grammatical errors.





Objective Description:

This is a picture of a girl on a hammock reading a book somewhere in the tropics. She looks very relaxed and at peace. 


Subjective Description: 

This picture describes me because it represents two of my hobbies. Reading and traveling. When I go to different places I love to bring a good book with me and i love to relax. I love that feeling of being completely at peace with the world, and not a having a care in the world.



The Differences Between High School and College Paper



I chose this essay because I believe it is the one that I could relate to the most. On the other essays assigned to us in English 101 it took me forever to just figure out what I wanted to say. However, when I sat down to write the essay titled The Differences Between High School and College everthing flowed and it felt right. When writing this paper I realized some of my bad habits and how I could correct them. This was my compare/contrast paper and I chose to mainly state the differences between high school and college. Looking back now, though, I probably would have listed some of the comparisons, too. Even though, this was not the best grade that I made on an essay in English 101 it was still my favorite. I think the main reason I did not make a really good grade on is because I did not revise it.