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Class Experience

Here is a list of all of the Relevent courses I have taken in the field of Computer Science.


CS-160 02 PC Hardware Fundamentals - A course in Computer Hardware. History of basic computer components, as well as how they have evolved. Introduction to current hardware and hardware styles. Education on how to repair computer Hardware Issues.

CS-205 01 Elementary Visual Basic  - An introduction to Visual Basic programming using VB 2003.

CS-140 01 Computer Program I - An introductory course in Java Programming.

CS-185 01 Computer Program II - A more advanced course in Java programming. Introduces recursion and data structures.

CS-280 01 Data Structures - An Advanced Java programing course. Main focus is on Data Structures, Sorting, and Searching. Included studies in Arrays, Array Lists, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, B-Trees, Binary Trees,  and Heaps.

CS-320 01 Operating Systems - A course in using and understanding Unix.

CS-360 01 Database Management - A course in understanding the design and operation of Databases. Experience using Oracle and SQL databases.

CS-405 01 Software Engineering - A course in understanding the different design and planning stages of software engineering projects.

CS-340 01 Internet Programming - A programming course using HTML, Javascript, PhP, CSS, Ajax, XHTML, and Content Management Systems.

CS-493 S01 Adv Super Fld Exp - Assisting a teacher by Grading Assignments and Tuturing students in Intermediate Java Programming.

CS-440-01 Software Engin Project - An indepth course where small groups of students pick a software system, design and create the actual program/software system.

CS-399-01 Operating Systems Design - A course to teach the elements of Operating Systems. Covers Unix, Linnux, Windows platforms, and Mac platforms.

CS-225-01 C++ Programming - An introduction to Computer Programming in C++. Uses many of the same programming styles and information learned in into and advanced Java programming courses.

CS-495-01 Seminar - A capstone course designed to teach students how to build Resumes, Cover Letters, ePortfolios. Practice interviews, answering questions. Ends with a final project where the student designs and builds a software system of their choice.

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