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Our purpose is to express Our caring, ambition and drive by hearing and listening to others, always of being creative and to battle this ADHD to create a support group that does not judge, share all our lifetime goals that have help other’s along the way, open up a whole new world to this ADHD crisis because this is a real battle that no one under stand but us...

The word SMART

Specific: Develop specific goals that are clearly stated.

Measurable: It should be easy to determine if goals are reached. A goal is measurable if you can clearly determine if progress is being made towards reaching the goal.

Agreed-upon: Talk about the goal with your child so that you both agree and commit to it.

Realistic: The goals you both agree to should be within your child's ability to accomplish.

Timely: A timely goal is one that can be achieved within a time frame that is meaningful-not too far in the future, so he or she can stay motivated.



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