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Welcome Senior Outreach Docents!


If you clicked on Announcements, you are reading this page.

This is our very own website, at no cost, where those of us who want to can communicate even in the middle of the night or just before the rooster crows.

It is NOT connected with the museum or the museums's website.

Here is where we can find the kit we need. 

Just click on KitFinder on the left side of the Home Page. 

You will be able to see the most recent home of each kit. 

A check of the calendar will show where a kit might end up as the weeks go by.  What a concept! 

Want to know who is doing a program or where a kit is headed?

 Click on Calendar on the left side of the Home Page.

You will be able to see who is doing what and when at a glance. 

You just have to know each docent's initials and the program's abbreviation. 

If you run your mouse over a calendar square that shows a program is happening that day, a little window will appear to tell you the city and the time of the presentation.  If you want to know more, then click on the calendar square and the facility's name, etc. will appear as well.

I shall endeavor to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, but at the end of each month I am usually busy with my other life.  I'm planning to update the site after each month's "first Wednesday" Board Meeting.     

Being a Webmistress is new territory for me so I shall be learning and you need to let me know if something does not work.  Be gentle.  I cry easily when computers don't work as I think they should. 

As an Aquarian I'm supposed to feel that the future is now which means that technology should jolly well work!  Right.

There is a window on the Home Page where you can post a note.  Please try it out.  It will be seen by anyone looking at the page so if you need to post something privately, please use our regular email addresses.  Mine is:

The others are:

Terry Curzon

Kathy Johnson:

Betty Koines:

Carolyn Monfore:

Carole Peterson:

Mary Jean Rus:

Annette Smith:

Suzanne Snyder:

Bobby Westling

Barbara Williams


If an email address is not here, please use Mr. Bell's wonderful invention.

Well, we shall see how this goes.