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Meaningful Topics I Learned in CISB 11

The CISB11 class provided me the opportunity to study and understand the basic fundamentals of Computer Information Systems. Four topics addressed in this course that is relevant to me now and in my business career is the study of application software, computer networks, the internet/ World Wide Web, and E-commerce.

Application software consists of computer programs designed to perform specific tasks or applications that user wishes to perform. Examples of such software applications that are meaningful to me are word processors, spreadsheet, database, presentations graphics, and desktop publishing. In absorbing this wide rang of knowledge it prepares one to enter into the workforce allowing one to solve business problems and increase the efficiency in the workplace. For example in using the word processing software is allows the user to efficiently create, edit, and print written documents such as letters, legal contracts, newsletters, and reports that may be useful to the individual or the productivity of the business performance. On the other hand, spreadsheet software is a program I will use from day to day in my business accounting career, for it provides users with convenient process of creating documents containing complex mathematical calculations. For in my accounting classes it is very useful for it organizes my data and group of values into rows and columns which allows a spreadsheet to contain numeric formulas that the computer will compute and keep up to date as data in the spreadsheet changes. Overall, all these application software?s tremendously help me today in completing my educational assignments and serve as tools in making my work faster and easier and being able to retrieve it at any time. It makes my work more informative to the viewer.

Computer networking is another meaningful topic I learned in CISB11, for it helped me understand and identify the use of many computer parts involved in putting together a computer network. This class helped me become familiar in understanding the process a person must take in order to have computers share the same hardware, software, and data, as well as electronically communicate with each other. In completing my chapter 8 assignment, it made me very knowledgeable in becoming familiar with the devices involved and helped me understand the different options one can take in putting together a network. The process of explaining the steps thoroughly in the assignment will not only help me understand what devices are needed, but my knowledge in setting up a network will come in handy. For in future when I open my own business, I won?t need to hire someone to set up a network for my offices, but I will be able to do it my self.

Another meaningful topic that will personally influence me in my business career is the internet/ World Wide Web. The internet allows people from all over the world to communicate. They can make information publicly available through the World Wide Web. The internet gives us the ability to have quick access to many types of information at the tip of our fingers. Individuals can quickly research items, publish their own information, hold discussions with people around the world, and participate in hundreds of other activities. In completing all my tasks and duties I rely on this form of communication, however it will become very useful later on in my future career, enabling my business to communicate more effectively and economically. My business will be able to grow quicker for I can communicate all around the world in a fast manner.

Lastly, besides the internet influencing my life in a positive manner I take E-commerce very meaningful, in making my future career successful. For E-commerce is used universally in conducting business online via a virtual electronic marketplace. E-commerce specializes in providing a solution to manage a business performance, reliability and the transaction efficiency. This tool will help my future business in successfully transforming the way I do business. It's a tool to help me expand my business world wide since it will allow me to perform the following activities:

* Creating a Web site to support investor relations

* Advertising the firm's products

* Providing a company profile

* Teleconferencing

* Tracking orders

* Advertising job openings

* Creating a virtual community to provide information for specific industries

* Placing catalogs online to provide one-stop shopping for a firm's products

* Establishing procurement sites that direct suppliers or vendors to specific companies and/or industries

* Building auction sites to sell or barter for obsolete or surplus inventory, auto parts, equipment, and a wide variety of other goods.

* Developing online exchanges where buyers and sellers meet to establish prices for commodities such as natural gas and electricity.

Overall all the topics I learned in the course CISB 11, were all meaningful to my personal life, for it enlightened me with basic knowledge of the computer world. Now I have a better understanding of each topic discussed and now I can apply it to my future life in the business world.

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