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My E-Portfolio


                                                              The Goal         

E- Portfolio is a collection of evidence to show that my learning and experiences have taken place. It includes documentation of learning and progression, an articulation of what has been learned, and importantly a reflection on these learning events and experiences. This E- Portfolio documentation will include descriptive material and graded evidence including written reports, critical incident reports; samples of performance evaluations, audit material, clinical records of procedures undertaken, learning plans, and written self assessments. Thank to online technologies are being increasingly used to support portfolio use and development, and electronic portfolios are becoming more popular due to their added flexibility. The purpose of E-portfolio as a student is by using these evidences to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and professional growth. E- portfolio help with my life-long learning as a dental hygienist because E- portfolios can used both as a learning tool to stimulate reflective, experiential and deep learning and as an assessment method to judge progression towards or achievement of specific learning objectives, competence and or fitness to practice.

Riverside Community College Dental Hygiene Program prepares me to identify and organize the knowledge and skills to deliver the best possible dental hygiene services to the community. We are trained to demonstrate personal/professional responsibility to the welfare of society through service activities. We are prepared to perform interpersonal communication skills to function successfully in a multicultural work environment with diversity of the local populations. The students understand cultural sensitivity and provide humane and compassion care to all patients. They make professional decisions affecting the practice of deal hygiene that satisfy legal, societal and ethical principles. RCC dental hygiene students perform their services within the context of legal obligations and context of professional obligations and jurisdictional Code of Ethics.

The students are prepared to promotes health maintenance and disease prevention by educate patients concerning their risk factors and assists in developing self-care regimens, utilizes the principles of learning and instruction in patient education, support patient wellness and quality of life, evaluate the outcomes of dental hygiene care and determines an individualized maintenance schedule, or additional treatment needs or referral to the appropriate health care provider, and  applies the dental hygiene care process (assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation) to community oral health education.

As a dental hygiene student I am able to apply what I have taught in this program to develop dental hygiene care plans which are sequenced to meet patient needs, consistent with assessment and diagnoses. I am able to determine priorities and establishes oral health goals with the patient, plans treatments that reflect the impact of behavioral, social and cultural differences in the provision of dental health care, develop dental hygiene care plans that reflect the impact of systemic disease and its management on the provision of dental care, develops dental hygiene care plans consistent with and supportive of the patient's overall dental treatment plan, establish a planned sequence of educational and clinical services that include health promotion and maintenance care, communicates the plan for dental hygiene care to interdisciplinary health team members to determine its congruence with the overall plan for oral health care.


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