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IT Method: Task 2



Task 2: E-Portfolio

This e-portfolio was created to satisfy the assessment requirements for the IT Method of my teacher education course at La Trobe University. It consists of four categories:



Category 1:  Years 7 - 10

Category 2:  Integrated Resource

Category 3:  Years 11 - 12

Category 4:  Teaching Philosophy





This category involves the development of one resource and plan from each year level at Years 7 - 10.



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10


You can also download the files separately:


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
Student Handout Student Handout

Student Handout


Additional file

Student Handout


Additional info

Student Outcome


Student Outcome


Student Outcome


Student Outcome





















Category 2: Integrated Resource



This category involves the development of one resource that integrates ICT with at least one other method area. The resource below integrates ICT with English/Social Studies and is intended for a Year 8 class. It may be used as classwork or given to students to complete for homework.


Year 8 Fair Trade Resource.




Category 3: Years 11 - 12


In this section you will find two lesson plans and related resources for Years 11 and 12.


Year 11

Year 12



Category 4: Teaching Philosophy


My main aspirations as a teacher are to teach my students competency in ICT, the ethical, safe and legal use of ICT as well as to inspire lifelong learning. It is generally accepted that being technologically literate is an important ingredient for success in school and work. But ICT is increasingly being used as a social and entertainment tool as a means of communication and socialising. With the pervasive nature of ICT comes the concern of safety. Thus, teaching students how to use ICT tools in an ethical, safe and legal manner is very important. Keeping abreast of changes in the ICT field enables us to better understand and use ICT tools both in our work and personal life. The ICT field is a dynamic one and inspiring my students to be open to and willing to learn about new technologies, as they emerge, is an important aspect of maintaining technological literacy.


Demonstrations and simulations are effective teaching and learning strategies when teaching ICT. I have found this to be true through my informal teaching experiences. I expect to further understand and learn other effective teaching and learning strategies on my teaching rounds next year.









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