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Springs Book Club

    Springs Book Club

Read a book; because learning never ends...

    Someone once said, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." My interpretation of that popular quote is that the best way to help children learn and be self-sufficient is to provide them with effective learning tools, and the best one ,perhaps, is reading. Through reading, children can explore ancient civilizations, learn about the opinions and experiences of others, find out how to build a tree-house and many other things.

    Reading opens a whole new world for them and it is along this vein that the Springs Book Club was created. It is therefore a venue for K-12 students to find suggestions for reading materials, book reviews and guidelines for reading and preparing journals about books they will read. There will be several links to book-lists, including classics and best sellers along with resources for K-12 teachers. Each month, new information will be added as the site is expanded.

    Please also join the discussion thread and share your thoughts on current issues in the field of public education and to discuss the new titles the Book Club will be reading. New topics and titles will be added on a monthly basis. Look at the "Announcements" page for upcoming events, and new titles. Book Club meetings will be  held each Tuesday in the "Discussion Room." If you have suggestions for books, discussions, or other interesting projects for K-12 students, please feel free to post them in the discussion area.

    Please also visit the other links for activities and clink on "links" on the menu for these, and other helpful sites.

   Take care, and 'happy' reading!


    Last modified: June 20, 2006