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Welcome to the Language Arts Lab Website!


     Ms. Ghanem is committed to making sure that every star rises and shines!  She believes that when her students fail, she may have failed them.  Ms. Ghanem will go "out on a limb" to help every student reach his or her own potential.  If a student is given multiple opportunities to be successful and that student still fails, then Ms. Ghanem will accept that the student chose to fail. 


     In the words of Mr. Clark from the movie Lean on Me, "Do not blame your teachers, your parents, or other students for your failure.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to choose success.  The teachers are here to facilitate and guide the students down the path leading to a bright future." 


     Parents and Students: Reach for the stars because the stars will not come down and reach you.  What you want in life is possible with hard work, persistence, and a good attitude!

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