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   Welcome to our 'playbook'.  I hope that this is an easy tool for you to use to keep track with what we are working on, see some of the works we have created in the past, and look forward to the tasks that our to come.  See you in class superstars.

                      -Coach Tharp-



                        WHY ARE WE HERE?                               

     Our mission as a class is to develop our visual abilities and apply them as a tool for achievement across the school curriculum.  We will learn how all cultures, commerce, and walks of life whether local or global can communicate to one another through the language of art.  We will do this through exploration of different art mediums, tools, and skills we develop on the way.


  Projects Under Construction

8th Grade 'My Gallery'- Construction of a miniture Art Gallery using 3 Elements and Principles of Design with documentation of Principles used. 

7th Grade 'Monsterous Construction'- Students are creating a monster for the sequal to Monsters, Inc.  They will practice story board thumbnail construction, write a short story about their monster,  and then bring them to life with paper mache.

6th Grade 'Clay Vessels'- 6th Graders are working with air dry clay and will create a raku oxidation style effect with paint.


Here Are Some Great 6th Grade Before and After Instruction Portraits









2/21-2/22 (Thu-Fri): Interims issued
3/20 (Thu): End of 3rd Nine Weeks
3/21 (Fri): NO SCHOOL - Teacher Workday
3/24-3/28: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

4/1 (Tue): Report Cards Issued

5/15-5/16 (Thu-Fri): Interims issued
5/26 (Mon): NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

6/11-6/13 (Wed-Fri): 2-Hour Early Release
6/13 (Fri): LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (yes, on Friday the 13th)
6/23 (Mon): Report Cards Mailed


      Due Dates for Portrait Studies:
   Odd Periods 3,5,7 Thurs March 13
   Even Periods 4,6,8 Friday March 14

If it is ONE DAY LATE the highest grade you could possibly receive is a C+.


  Keep up the Good Work on your Self Portraits!!!





Here are some of your Really Cool Coffee Pen and Ink Drawing!!!

















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