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List of Debate Topics for the Beginners – 2021

Have you been thinking of working on improving your debating skills? Do you want to be able to deliver your argument eloquently? Well, it is a good thing that you are thinking of developing and improving your debating skills. Good debating skills are a necessity for a college student and are very handy in practical life. The essay writer might be thinking of joining the debating team of your education institution. Well, good luck.



In debates, participants are given specific topics. They come prepared and deliver their arguments in support of their position and against that of the opposing team. A good debater is not only able to articulate and justify his position but also refute that of his opponents. A good essay writer can write clear arguments on paper and can justify his position and refute that of the opposing side in an argumentative essay but delivering those arguments in a debate is a whole different skill.

The opening lines of a debate are as important as that of an essay. Therefore, if you know how to write my paper, you will be good at opening debates. Just like essays, you have to open your debates with a hook statement. You can start with a question, an unbelievable fact, or an anecdote and sometimes a witty but relevant joke.

If you are a beginner debater you need to start off with easier but interesting topics. If you are unable to find a good topic for your debate, here is a list of interesting debate topics for beginners:

  • Animal testing is animal cruelty
  • Global warming is a hoax
  • College athletes should be more than sport scholarship
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Is a college education worth the cost?
  • Students in essay writer service should be banned from using a cellphone on campus
  • Capitalism is responsible for creating and widening economic inequalities
  • College education should be free for everyone
  • The government should cap the increasing college tuition fees
  • Private schools are better than public schools
  • Whether religion should be taught in schools or not
  • Islam is a religion of peace and not of war
  • UN has failed to deliver its promise of international peace and security
  • There should be no school uniforms
  • Distant learning is better than traditional classroom learning
  • Everyone should wear a mask
  • Violence in video games cultivates a violent mindset
  • People have a right to keep guns
  • Guns entail violence
  • Humans are good in nature
  • Drug abuse leads to criminal violence
  • Climate change is the greatest threat to the humanity
  • Violence in video games should be banned
  • The minimum wage should be increased to 15USD per hour in ‘pay someone to write my paper’ tasks
  • Abortion is a fundamental right of women
  • Girls should be allowed to join high school football teams
  • Plastic bags should be banned across the world
  • Developed states should take responsibility for the climate change
  • We need to cut down our carbon emissions
  • Protectionists policy is better for home industries
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