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About Me

Deborah S. Greenhut, PhD, brings more than thirty years' experience to this class. As an instructor, manager, and consultant, she has led and developed computer applications training throughout the United States, including classes in WordStar, WordPerfect, and Microsoft Office for both Macintosh and IBM platforms. A NYC off-off Broadway Playwright and writing teacher, Dr. Greenhut taps the other side of her brain by producing her own work and serving on the boards of Muller/Works Foundation and the Princeton Research Forum.


Deborah Greenhut holds a BA in English and Drama from Middlebury College, along with MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees in English Literature from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Dr. Greenhut was certified to teach in 1973 in the State of Vermont, and she has instructed a variety of courses at Middlesex, Hudson, Mercer, and AINYC junior colleges in addition to serving as the Writing Center Director at Rutgers University, and as a Professor of Literacy Education at New Jersey City University where she continues to instruct English and Reading. Dr. Greenhut instructed message design and computer applications on the first academic MAC and IBM networks installed in the United States. As an executive assistant to the President of a major University, she participated in the design of one of the first administrative LANS installed in an academic setting.