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English 101


ENG 101



ENG 101

English 101 is a course that helps one with writing skills. With this course one learns how to write seven types of essays that will be used later in their college career. If enrolled in this course one will learn to write a compare and contrast essay, a cause and effect essay, an argumentive essay, a research paper, a descriptive essay, and an exam essay. This course is great for the creative mind. This course is great for anybody who likes to write.



 The photograph above shows a box turtle. It has a hard shell that it can hide in and fight with. Many turtles are described to fight in video games and sports teams using shell-shock. Turtles are seen as spinning and knocking their obstacles away. Turtles are known for their slower pace from other animals. Turtles are determined animals that persist even when all odds seem against them such as climbing a hill or crossing the street. When they hide, almost nothing can get them. Turtles have to trust their surroundings before they come out from hiding. Even though it is alone and moving slow it is persistant of getting to the next stream or lake. This turtle is alone for it's travels but it will be with friends and family at lakes, rivers and streams.

The turtle represents me because I hide or fight. When I come out of my shell, I am strong, determined and persistent. I move at a slower pace than most people however I think this causes me to think more critically about a topic. I try to find the right solution, not the quickest. Very few obstacles get in my way. Even when all odds seemed against me in the past I have done exceptionally well. I always find a way around my obstacles. When I hide, almost nothing will get me out until I trust the environment. I work alone in my efforts, however, sometimes I meet with other people and I really enjoy it when I do.


ENG 101 Essay

All the essays I have wrote in English 101 I really like. They are all about my favorite topic: Education. However I am presenting "And the Battle Begins" (save it to the desktop to see). I like this essay because it talks about the issue of conflicting learning styles and teaching styles. I hope you enjoy it! 



I wrote this paper from my own experience. This paper took me several days to complete. I took the draft to the Writing Center for extra help and then I had had it peer edited. My peer editor pointed out that the draft's organization could be better. I took my editor's advice and took my paper back to the Writing Center for more help. As a result, I got a good grade on this essay. I think that I should continue to improve on what I have done in the past.