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About Me


                          About Me                                                 5



     Hello, everyone! My name is Ryan White and I am a student majoring University Transfer at Tri-County Technical College. I live in Central-Clemson area of South Carolina and have lived there for at least ten years. I was born in Anderson and lived there for the first three years of my life. I have a wonderful family. My parents have always been good to me. They have sacrificed and worked so hard just so I could have a good life. I am so grateful for them! Then I have my brother who I am very close to. We are buddies; we tell each other secrets and help each other out through difficult situations.

I have three cats and one dog. I am a cat person. I spend a whole lot more time with my cats than my dog. My cats’ names are Salem (Taybee), Ginger (Ginny), and Tigger (Tiggy). My dogs name is Rusty (Rusty P. Puppy). I love my pets!

I went to Daniel High School (Go Lions!) and very proud to be a part of that school. I also love helping their football team. I’ve helped out as a volunteer assistant equipment manager for four years. I go get equipment for the players such as helmets, under armour, socks, etc., and set up pads for the coaches at practice. On the sideline I get equipment for the players when something breaks. I love this job! I love helping the young players develop their skills and I have become attached to each and every one of the players that I have met. Unfortunately, I think this is my last year with them.

Last year, I had to complete a Senior Project. My high school requires that all seniors spend 20 hours of their time doing something for the community, personal growth, or career development before they can graduate. My project started me out with the teaching career after a rough drop from becoming an Architect. I went in to a local elementary school and middle school and volunteered for 20 hours. I learned so much from that experience. From senior project, I realized my love for elementary teaching and I started a book of research. The book contains my research from the Senior Project and research I have done in my college career. Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation that goes with the book. All apples in the presentation are number one on the Works Cited.


Award: I received the D.W. Daniel Merit Award in 2008 which is only awarded to one boy and one girl of the senior class. I received the D.W. Daniel honors robe at my graduation.

A Success Story: In middle school I started down the wrong path. I hardly ever turned in an assignment and I wasn’t doing very well in some subjects. At my eighth grade year I decided I had enough of my nonsense. I worked very hard, sometimes staying up until 2:00 am just getting assignments done. I paid more attention in class and studied harder with a group in a study hall. I turned my F’s into A’s. It is my belief that with a little hard work and dedication, almost anything can be accomplished.


When the going gets tough....

     In the tenth grade I went to Drafting class. I thought I wanted to become an Architect. I thought wrong! Although I don't want to sound like a Victim, there was a whole lot against me in this class. When I got there I sat down and watched my instructor draw a design. The instructor didn't really explain it. Then I went to computer and tried to do the same design myself.

A few issues made it tough on me:

    First, the instructor did not like anyone to ask questions. If no one in class understood then all of the class tried trial and error to find out how to make the design and we whispered the solution to each other. The computers always crashed and froze so many times I lost my work very frequently. I was not able to save my work until half the design was complete. My math skills were really below expectations for this class. I did not understand some of the math for the class. The instructor seemed to not want me to do well in the class. I had an hour drive back and forth from my school to drafting class as well. 

How I conquered Draft class:

I took Drafting for two years of my high school career. It was just not what I wanted to do, especially for the rest of my life. I fought during those two years, determined  to become who I thought I wanted to be. I let people talk me into going back to that class at the end of my sophomore year and after my junior year I did not want to go back again.  I realized by my junior year that I was unhappy, stressed, and to keep going was not the path I needed to take. So, at registration for Senior year classes I did not take it again. In the summer between junior and senior year I came to realize that I am called to be a teacher. I have always love helping and I love little kids.


When the going gets tough I learned to do what is best and to stay determined. Don't give up!


Daniel High School Football Assistant Equipment Manager (Volunteer)

Hobbies: If I have time I enjoy playing simulation (such as Sim City 4) and sports video games (such as Madden 09). However, I love to research and learn new ideas. I also love to be in a social setting. If I don't have one of these, I feel bored and miserable. So, I, for one, love school! My hope for the future is that I can show others just how fun and exciting school really can be.

Music: I listen to a few minor rock bands. It depends on how I feel. Mainly though, Linkin Park! My brother introduced them to our family and our whole family loves Linkin Park! We went to a concert in Atlanta, GA just back in August 2008. Click here to hear some of their music.


My Dream: To become a loving teacher and parent. I think one the most important things on this Earth is for children to get a good education. I love to laugh and I love making other people laugh, especially little kids. I want to be a good elementary teacher and a good parent.