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SOC 101

SOC 101 is a class in which one can learn a new perspective of life. SOC 101 focuses on the structural functiolanlist, social-conflict and symbolic interactionism views of issues in the world today. This course shows the effect of society on the individual, as well as the effect the individual has on society. This course is not an easy course. It requires five good essays and heavy studying for test. SOc 101 is a great class however one must want to learn the new perspective and be willing to give lots of time and effort to do so.
As of November 14, 2008, I have completed four out of five essays. The third essay I am most proud of, with a score of ten out of ten. Click here to look at it. I highly recommend using the Writing Center and writing a rough draft. Otherwise be ready to get a three on the essay.
Reflection of Essay #3
The third essay I completed in Sociology taught me a lot about how to write the essays. I found that utilizing the Writing Center is a good idea. I already knew that rough drafts help so I completed a rough draft and had Professor Donovan check it. However, this essay took a lot longer than my first and second essay did.
By utilizing my resources, I wrote an exceptional paper. I agree with the ten that is on it. I would have been disappointed if any lower grade was given to me. The tutor at the Writing Center made suggestions to me about my essay. Click here to see what the tutor corrected. Mainly, I have a problem with pronouns such as he, she, they, him, her. I'm learning them though.

For future essays I wonder if peer review would help also. I think I will do what worked mostly. My favorite saying for these situations is: If it isn't broke, don't fix it!



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