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English 101


COL 105





COL 105

TCTC's Freshman Seminar
COL 105 provides the tools you need for success in college and life. In this class one will learn about becoming a Creator, staying motivated,
self-management, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.
As part of this class, one will start their journey with a Success team for support and a journal so one can see the progress.

Campus Activities


*Diversity Workshop

The Diversity workshop showed students how diverse each person is. Students first stood when the instructors called a group they belonged to and all students clapped. Then students were shown how first impressions can affect relationships. Finally, students were taught how to make a prejudice person think about what they are prejudice about. 


-I thought this workshop was very interesting. There are a lot more diversity groups than I thought. I only have heard a lot about some of the diversity groups. I also saw how first impressions can hinder good thoughts about a diversity group. We paired up with partners and exchanged first impressions of words for this lesson. Then the instructors taught a lesson to us about how to make a prejudice person think about what they are saying was interesting and clever. I would not have known how to attempt to change someone's prejudice thinking without this workshop. The emotional aspect of this workshop made me a little nervous. Prejudice and discrimination are horrible and it tears me up to hear about prejudice, discrimination and the hate crimes that happen to victims of them. Just for information, I cried the whole day after Freshman Seminar showed a presentation with the hate crimes that happen to victims of prejudice and discrimination. Even when I wasn't crying on the outside I was crying on the inside because of the horrifying hate crimes that I saw in the presentation. Prejudice and discrimination are a disgrace and I did not think that this workshop was not long enough. I think this workshop should be made in to a required class at Tri-County Technical College. Everyone can benefit from this workshop! I would have liked to learned more in this workshop although Freshman Seminar has taught a lot about diversity.    

*Political Cartooning
Kate Sally Palmer presented some political cartoon from cartoonist career. Kate Salley Palmer expressed her political views with cartoons of President Bush and his administration, Al Gore, John McCain, Barrack Obama, and the Clintons. She also had a few cartoons about her thoughts on political issues.

-Kate Sally Palmer's cartoons were very interesting and creative. I sat down in Marshall Parker Auditorium next to a few students from my learning community and watched her slide show. A few cartoons I really liked. However, I am not a person who loves politics. I like to watch the news but I do not watch C-Span, CNN, or Fox News a whole lot. I don't like the arguing and biased opinions. I learned some political views that I did not know about. Although this event didn't really appeal to me, I liked some of Kate Sally Palmer's humor. I would have liked if Kate Sally Palmer had some more cartoons about today's politics. However, for once she actually made politics fun for me.