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As a dental hygiene student :


            Fidelity: We accept our commitment to be faithful and loyal to our obligations, duties and observation. We will abide by all rules and regulations and meet all expectations required of us as dental hygienists.


             Patient: We are loyal to our patients when we have promised to treat them at a certain time and we make the patient our first priority. While treating the patient we abide by the clinic protocol established by RCC and perform our duties as expected such as taking blood pressure, extraoral and intraoral examinations.


              Student: Our word is good. When we say we will do something for a fellow classmate we do it.


              Instructor: We are not always being watched constantly. But we promise as clinicians to give the best care and abide by instructor recommendations. We have promised to not leave out any imperative treatment, and having fidelity states that we can perform thoroughly with out being watched.