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Dr. Linda Hujnt Brown

Course Goals and 

Overarching Course Goals
Overarching Goal: Participants will earn to use effective assessment and evaluation strategies in their teaching, and understand how to use technology to support the design and administration of classroom assessments. 
Course Outcomes
  1. Apply technology in assessing student learning of subject matter using a variety of effective classroom assessment techniques.  
  2. Understand and use the Seven Standards of Assessment Quality below.
    1. Classroom assessments can both promote and verify student learning.
    2. Assessments serve articulated purposes
    3. Assessments arise from and reflect clear learning targets
    4. Accurate assessment uses appropriate methods given the context
    5. Assessments need to sample student achievement appropriately
    6. Effective assessments avoid unwanted sources of bias, interference or error.
    7. Sound classroom assessments communicate results effectively. 
  3. With the assistance of technology, accurately measure student achievement of, and progress toward, learning objectives using a variety of assessments, and use results to plan further instruction.
  4. Use technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning.
  5. With the assistance of technology, translate evaluations of student work into records that accurately convey the level of student achievement to students, parents or guardians, and school personnel.     
  6. Apply multiple methods of evaluation to determine students’ appropriate use of technology resources for learning, communication, and productivity.

Course Goals Were Selected from the
ISTE Technology Standards for Teachers and from
the course text by Richard Stiggins


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