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Agape Christian Center

Roxboro, NC


Welcome to the Agape Christian Center

Agape Christian Center is the front runner to Agape Christian Academy and Agape Bible college


Agape Christian Academy

Our goal in Christian Education is to develop the mind of Christ. Paul the Apostle wrote, under inspiration of the Spirit of God "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 2:5)



Agape Bible College

The opportunity to study and prepare yourself for ministry and is a God given reality.

Agape Bible College provides an external academic program that is adaptable to your routine of life. Major concentrations are available in theology, pastoral ministry, biblical counseling, evangelism, missions, youth ministry, and music theory. Imagine that... studying and preparing yourself for ministry from the convenience of your home! You will be thrilled to know that the financial requirement for studying through our Bible Institute is very affordable.



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    Agape Christian Center
315 Chub Lake Dr.
Roxboro, North Carolina  27573
Rev. Daniel Thrower, Administrator