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Association of California Community College Teacher Education Programs

"Inspiring and educating tomorrow's teachers."     


Community Colleges play an essential role in the preparation of future teachers.
The California Community College System is the largest higher education system in the nation. Currently, it is comprised of 72 districts and 110 colleges. Its 2.9 million students represent 24% of all students attending community colleges nationwide.
Established three years ago, the Association of California Community College Teacher Education Programs (ACCCTEP) represents the interest of over 30 community colleges in southern California.
Because of the size of our state, we began with a radius of colleges from the southern regional listings found at Members include colleges from Antelope Valley to the north; San Diego to the south; Riverside to the east; Santa Monica to the west.
As an advocate for the preparation of highly qualified teachers, we hope to also maintain a strong alliance with university teacher education programs.
STEVE BAUTISTA; Counselor/Coordinator, Center for Teacher Education; Santa Ana College
SUE PARSONS; Director, Teacher TRAC; Cerritos College
ALLEN PERLSTEIN; Instructor/Community Liaison, Teacher Education Program; El Camino College

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The crucial role of community colleges in teacher preparation and professional development.     

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