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Mrs. Gillaspie's CCS Class Pages

Welcome to my CCS web site.

On the LEFT of the screen you will see several links. Since I just began working with this site August 30, I'm still learning what everything does. Here's a brief rundown on what some of these links are for:

Mrs. G's Home Page is, well, it's this page. From other pages you can come back to this page by clicking on "my home" in the upper left-hand corner under my name, or by clicking on my home at the bottom of the page.

Mrs. G's Classes takes you to the classes I teach. You will only be able to enter the classes you are registered in with the access codes I gave you in your syllabus or the parent letter.

School Calendar is a general calendar that I will use for School-wide Events & Holidays. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mrs. G's Classes section of the site displays a different calendar that will show your class assignment due dates.

Discussions will take you to a section where you can send messages to 1 or more of your classes. You can also do the same thing once you are in class page and you click on Class Discussions. I've already posted an important message to all the classes. Take a look.

Useful Links is where I'll post links to useful or interesting web sites.

To the RIGHT you will see a section titled 411. This is a mini-announcement section that shows up on my home page. I have set it up for the moment that any of my students may post an announcement. Here are the "rules:" 1) Keep it clean, kind, respectful, and short. 2) Use only for important announcements that might affect your class or the student body as a whole. (I' m sorry, your birthday does not qualify for an announcement.) Realize, the system is set up to where the writer will be identified on any announcement. For example, dgillaspie is me. Finally, each class section has its own 411 section, but I'm the only one who can post to those.

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