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Welcome to the Funeral Rules course 


Refresh your understanding of the rules that govern funeral homes starting with the general price list. 


The subject of funerals is difficult during the best of times.  This course will help you remember the one rule that protects consumers during these difficult times.


How to use this web site:


You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view this course.


To the left you will find a menu of options for this course.  To access some options, you will need to register using the registration found on the upper right side of this page.  Registration is free.


On the left menu, click on current courses then GPL1 down arrow to find an easy to read list of links to a presentation, 2 handouts, a quiz, and a survey.


To move along a little faster, click on the links below to go directly to the course products.


Click a link below to find

Funeral Rules: General Price List Course Presentation Part I




Find the End of Course Survey at 2008 Summer course GPL1 after you log in.

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