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Course Description: This course is an introduction to the study of behavior. Topics intensively covered include the scientific principles of psychology and the application of scientific research in understanding human behavior. This course will also cover the history and origins of psychology, the major current theoretical perspectives of psychology, lifespan development and the family, biological processes, personality development, behavioral disorders, social psychology, and psychological adjustment. Up to date literature in the field of psychology will be integrated throughout the semester.

Course Objectives:

•    To provide an understanding of the fundamental principles of behavior and mental functioning, with an understanding of the scientific research methods by which these principles are developed.
•    To encourage a critical point of view toward the gathering and interpretation of psychological data, including an understanding of the problems associated with excessive theorizing, carelessness in generalization from limited data, and the need for precision when interpreting psychological variables.
•    To promote analysis of developmental patterns, adjustment strategies, motivation, and other psychological phenomena using the six major theoretical perspectives of psychology.
•    To offer implications by understanding the role of psychological learning and theories in dealing with practical problems in one’s own life as well as in society.
•    To promote an understanding of the cultural and gender differences in the study of psychology. 




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