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Megan Dickman's ECE Portfolio


  This page will serve as my home page for Heartland Community College's ECE Portfolio.




 Professional Experience: 


     I have been interested in working with children ever since I was a child myself.  My mom is a teacher so becoming a teacher instantly became a dream of mine.  I enjoy babysitting and working with children of all ages.  I have been involved with several tutoring programs and conducted many observations through different classrooms. 



 Future Goals:


     My educational plan is to receive my bachelor's degree from Illinois State University in Elementary Education in hope of becoming a successful teacher.  I enjoy several grade levels but find myself stuck on teaching 2nd grade.  I feel this is an exciting age to work with and it is a constant growing and learning process.  That is my favorite part of being a teacher is helping children succeed and become successfu.  My future of becoming a teacher has been an exciting journey and I am excited to see where my future leads me.


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