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Postmodern philosophy of religion



Syllabus for Independent Study on





Read introductory texts, and later reflect on primary essays on the postmodern condition of theology and philosophy of religion. Evaluate learning by writing an essay with a descriptive historical development and discuss the themes in focus.


Analyze historical context and development and gain insight into the implications of postmodernism with respect to religious thought, including postmodern critiques of past religio-metaphysical systems, the postmodern and deconstructive renewal of the search for transcendence, and the religious dimensions of deconstructive thought.


The Postmodern Condition

Posmodernity: a defining attempt

The Death of God controversy

Christian Existentialism

Post-modern turn to religion



Influences: Structuralism, Levinas, Foucault, Lacan, Ricouer


Limitation of language to comprehend reality

Negative or Apophatic manner

“Religion (without religion)”


Messianism vs. Messianic Hope

“Weak Theology”

Radical Orthodoxy

Reaffirmation of Christian theology  in a contextual manner

Postliberal Theology

Narrative theology

Communitarian moral and epistemology

Ethics of Virtue


The Finite God

Finite Godism

Process Thought

Open Theism


Alternative Theologies

Liberation Theologies

    Theology of Hope

  Latin American Liberation Theology

  Post-Colonial Theology

  Black Theology

  Feminist, Womanist Theology and Feminist Epistemology

  Queer Theology

  Peace Theology

Cosmic Ecology

Reconstructive Approaches







Religious Language & Epistemology of Religion

The problem of religious language

Vienna Circle, Wittgenstein, Deconstruction

Proposed Solutions: Analogy, Metaphor, Accommodation, Hermeutical method

Veracity and exclusiveness of a religion

Justification of religious belief

Critique of modern rationalist epistemology

Deconstruction critique of “truth” existence prior and independent to linguistic representation

Religion and Literary Theory


The Human Condition on Postmodernity


Mind/Body problem in current philosophical theologies

Social Action


Ontology of the Ultimacy


The Ultimate Ground: Tillich


The Non-Being: Deconstruction

A limited God: the Finite God options


The postmodern God



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·         Christian Faith and Postmodernity:  An Index of WWW Resources

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