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Africa?s religious heritage



Syllabus for Independent Study



Reading selected bibliography.  Visit to Believing Africa exhibit on Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA. Evaluate learning by composing an essay comprising the Africa’s religious heritage.



Acquire insight into African religion, giving attention to Christianity and Islam on the African continent, including the contemporary dynamics of African religion, African Christianity, African Islam and the coexistence of these religions in Africa.


1.African Traditional Religions


1.2. Monotheism or Polytheism: the dual aspect

1.3. Worldview and human ethics

1.4. Praxis: dance, divination

1.4. Mythologies

1.5. African Traditional Religions in Diaspora


2.Judaism in Africa

2.1. Ancient presence

2.2. Traditional communities: North Africa, Ethiopia, Songhai, Lemba

2.3. Judaizing Communities


3.Christianity in Africa

3.1. Early Christianity in Africa

3.2. Missionary and Colonizers

3.3 African Initiated Churches

3.4. African Christianity in America


4.Islam in Africa

4.1. The Muslim States

4.2 African Islam in America


5.Contemporary Dynamics

5.1. Expansion of native form of Christianity: African Initiated Churches, Pentecostalism, African Theology

5.2. Rise of Islam

5.3. New Religious Movements

5.4. Religious Conflicts



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(C) by Leonardo Alves, 2007

(C) 2004-2008 by Leonardo M. Alves



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