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EXL ePortfolio





Linda J. Calderwood


e-Portfolio for Experiential Learning Scholars Program (EXL)








Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Minor in Psychology


December 2008





1. Experienced-Based Knowledge of My Discipline

  • The clinical rotation for Critical Care (NURS 4340) concludes with Grand Rounds Presentations.  The physical assessment of a patient cared for during this clinical was presented as part of Grand Rounds; this portion of my presentation is attached.


2. Reflection Experience that Enhanced Meaning of the Content of My Discipline

  • Journaling of our experiences was a requirement for the clinical rotation for Caring for Community as Client (NURS 4560).  The following journal reflects my experience of observing the role of a hospice nurse.


3. Activity that Allowed Me to Apply Theories or Concepts to a Practical Problem

  • The experience of caring for an acute care psychiatric patient during the clinical roatation for Caring for Clients with Mental Health Alterations (NURS 4560)  required the use of the therapeutic approach.  The following journal reflects my interaction with a patient with schizophrenic disorder. 


4. Service Activity that Made a Contribution to the Community

  • The following volunteer activities were performed as part of NURS 3530 (Caring for Adult Clients I).


5. Problem Sovling Skills

  • The Leadership Project for NURS 4580 (Professional Practice and Leadership Clinical) provided an opportunity to utilize problem solving skills in the health care setting. My project addressed a resolution for performance improvement problems on an acute care unit.


6. Planning Skills

  • A requirement for Caring for Clients with Mental Health Alterations (NURS 4550) was to write a case study on a patient cared for during the clinical roatation.  The following is an excerpt from that paper, including the abstract and information under the heading "Nursing Diagnoses and Plan of Care."


7. EXL Program Reflection Essay

  • The following essay is a reflection of my experience as an Experiential Learning Scholar.