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Holly Mathews' Teaching Portfolio


Welcome to my Homepage!



All About Me



My name is Holly Mathews and I am a totally awesome teacher!  I have wanted to be a teacher for most of my life.  I enjoy the learning process and have a lot of energy and desire to help children develop a love for learning.


My philosophy of teaching is that all students are able to learn.  They may learn at different rates and in different ways, but they all are able to learn.  My job is to discover their learning style and adjust and adapt to the needs of my students so that they can learn to the best of their abilities.


If you go to my artifacts page you will find my resume, academic transcript, health documents, background check/clearance (DCFS), letters of reference, letters of evaluation from my supervising teachers and/or supervisors and membership in student/professional organizations.


I invite you to look them over and view all that I have to offer as a prospective teacher. 


I also invite my supervising teachers to review my eportfolio and make comments and suggestions on how I can inprove the appearance and/or content.

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