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       I am a first year  dental hygiene student at Riverside Community College; Moreno Valley Campus. Dental Hygiene is a wonderful program with excellent instrucotors who are always willing to help us regarding our succeed.  As student, we work as a team and help each other and move forward together.

       The purposes for me as a student to develop an E-Portfolio are keeping my educational record, communicating with my instructors, and evaluating myself. My educational document will show everything that I have learned, accomplished, or failed, and what I will do in the future. My educational record will be my resume’ for my future application or further education. Electric portfolio also serves as communication tools. I can show my instructors what I have done in case if my assignment lost. I can discuss with my instructors quicker and easier through the web. In addition, creating an E-Portfolio is good for self evaluation. I can learn from my previous failure experience and plan how I can improve in the future.

      When I graduate, my porforlio will be my best friend that accompany with me to the real world. My portfolio will remind me when I make a mistake. I will be an excellent dental hygienist who is always willing to maintain and impove patinet oral health without violate any code of ethics.

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our class is a team.