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Do you have a secret you have been dying to tell the world but want to stay anonymous? Well SUU Postsercet is for you.  Here is how it works.


FEMS will be passing out blank postcards (or 4x6 cards, if you want to use your own material) every Tuesday and Thrusday in the Sharwin Smith Center. Come by and pick one upk, take it home and get creative! Use newspapers, magazines, web graphics, personal drawings, anyt

hing you want to make visually showcase your secret. Then write your secret on it too. The shorter the secret, the better. TWO RULES - NO NAMES (Not yours or anyone elses) and it HAS TO BE a secret you have NEVER told anyone else.  


The secrets come from the heart. These postcards range in emotions. Some silly, some sad, some beautifying, angry, heartbreaking, inspiring, fun loving, truthful, shocking, But most of all they are REAL. 


So get ready to create! The Postsecrets can be dropped of at The Center for Women and Families or Address them to SUU POSTSECRET PO BOX 9325 and but it in the SUU campus mail. The Postsecrets will then be displayed in the Sharwin Smith Center (by the bookstore) the week of January 28th to the 1st of February.  DEADLINE FOR TURNING THEM IN IS JANUARY 26th. 


Don't know what to create? Visit our sampler page of other's POSTSECRETS.



Mission Statement



FEMS (Feminist Education and Motivation Society) is a new organization to the SUU family and campus.  This group has plans for hosting numerous campus and community events throughout the coming year to promote feminist theory and women's issues. 

Some of the events are as simple as movie nights and range to fashion 

shows to show off all women's natural beauty and even a feminist play production is in the works.  (I am writing the play at the moment and any comments or ideas would be great!)
An organization is what the group makes it and this group is open to your suggestions.  The thought that comes to most peoples minds when they hear "feminist" is something close to crazed Amazon women swearing off men and burning bras, but that image is on an extreme end. 
FEMS is there to connect young women with other young women. It turns out, all to frequently, that most women lead secret lives and dreams, and are at one point told either, verbally or subconiously, to hide away or hold back these lives and dreams from other people. However, there are millions of girls and women going thourgh the same things all around them and there is no discussion.

This group is here to brake down those walls and allow women to talk, and talk, and talk about everything in a safe place with women just like them.   To some people this seems silly, but interestingly enough, these groups and their bonds transform the women into stronger, motivated, and determined individuals. That is what FEMS is out to do.
If you are interested in knowing more or become a part of this movement please join, come to our meetings, contact us, and just get involved- it is worth every moment of it.