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New House at MIT

** Want someone to work with on your psets but don't want to leave your dorm? New House's Study Groups tool might just be the thing for you. Click on the study groups tab and see the list of New House residents in those courses. If the class you're taking isn't listed already, feel free to add it to the list and check back regularly.


** You must be a member of to join a study group. Please join the New House group with the access code 471MemorialDr and then select the study group you want to join. A link to join the group is provided on the left sidebar.


** Here are the following study group IDs you'll need to join with.


study group       moderator     study group id     access code  
menu18.01 House, New 67203  
menu18.02 House, New 67204  
menu18.03 House, New 67205  
menu18.06 House, New 67206  
menu3.091 House, New 67210  
menu5.111 House, New 67211  
menu5.112 House, New 67212  
menu5.12 House, New 67213  
menu6.01 House, New 67215  
menu6.02 House, New 67216  
menu7.012 House, New 67214  
menu8.01 House, New 67207  
menu8.02 House, New 67208  
menu8.03 House, New 67209

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