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Club or School Logo What I learned in CISB 11

What I learned in CISB 11

Meaningful Topics I Learned in CISB11

I learn many things in this class, and it is really help me more understand about the computer information, and help me a lot right now of my life and properly help me in my future.

The first topic learn is the "Application Software", from this chapter I know about there is many software in commonly use.  Like I use about Microsoft office, there are few software for me to use, the commonly use is Microsoft Word.  I use this software to type my homework; also I often use PowerPoint to do my project.  But little software I am not commonly used, like Microsoft Access, Excel, and FrontPage.  Through this chapter I learn how each software work and how I can use them in future life.  The Second topic learn is the "Hardware", because I have hard time to get into each of hardware in my computer, through this chapter I can understand how each part of hardware works, and I really use them.  The third one is "The Internet and World Wide Web"; this chapter totally talks about the Internet world.  Before I learn this, I just can go internet to do the search and check my e-mail.  But through this chapter I learn that the device and connection for the Internet, and how we use Internet to find the resources.  This is very useful to me.  The last one is "E-Commerce".  This is a very interesting chapter I learned because I really not commonly use Internet to buy something.  Through this chapter I really can know about the different types of Web can used to E-commerce, and how the E-commerce can really effect about the marketing in the world.

I think all the topics are meaningful to me even I don't think I really to use them often.  But I notice that I really cam use them in my daily life; I always use my computer of the software to do my work, use internet to search and find something I want.  I store the documents and homework that i did.  The media also is used in my daily life, because I always listening music through the media that I have, I watch DVD or movie on my computer.  All these topics I learned can really meaning for to me.  Before, I never thought that why it is important to me because I think using is using, but through all these topics I can really get into it.  For my future life, I may still use them always, for my education or my future career.  The computer may relate to me very closely; I may choose business job for my future, I may know how to work on of my computer for my job.  Right now the way using of computer may continue to happen in my future life, maybe never stopping to me to learn more about the computer.  It is too broad to learn everything part of my life, and I need the time to learn that in my future.  Even just help people or help myself, which is a good reason why I need to learn all of these.  


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