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Anti Imperialism - Arthur and Asif

Welcome to the beginning of the future, the restraint of American foreign policy






We the people of the United States are bound by our Consitution and Declaration to allow all peoples of the world to pursue life and liberty, especially if we are to expect the same in return.  US foreign policy has been hostile to liberty and tends towards militarism, an obvious evil that impairs our nation.  It is widely regarded in our country that we must receive the consent of the governed before the legislatures and executives make decisions.  However, imperialism completely opposes this viewpoint, making it impossible for any controlled people to pledge allegiance to a foreign government.  The administration has begun focusing their efforts on controlling the Philippines, a sovereign nation that is far away from the continental United States.  Hypocritically, we have begun to think that we have surpassed our revolutionary principles that are present in those Filipinos, and now strive to destroy the very spirit of 1776 that we hold so dear. 


As a result, the purpose of our war has become unjust, causing the untold and unneeded suffering.  Who are we to create such violence and horrid conditions when our past has led us to revolt against monsters who cause such problems?  We have turned into that beast ourselves, denying the sanctity and importance of each human life. 



Interview with Filipino Leader Emilio Aguinaldo - Jan 9 1899


Mr. Majid (AM):  Thank you for taking time out of leading your revolution to talk with us.

Mr. Aguinaldo (EA): It is my pleasure.

AM: It has reached our ears that yesterday you made a remarkable speech against imperialism.  Could you give us a brief summary of the material mentioned?

EA: Surely.  I focused my intention on the outbreak of hostilities between Filipinos and Americans.  The US has subjected our people to abject misery and contempt, proving that America has ignored the ideals of justice and liberty held so dear by the American people. 

AM: What is the condition of your country currently?

EA: My people are struggling to recover from all the horrendous acts committed against them.

AM: And of yourself, how have you personally been treated in light of your role as leader of this worthy cause?

EA: The US is treating me as a rebel, but I only seek to defend the sacred interests of my country and do not want to make myself an instrument of their dastardly intentions. 

AM: What do you plan to do in the future?

EA: I am optimistic, even though much blood has been spilled due to America's militaristic imperialism, that our independence can eventually be won, because nature has never despised generous sacrifices.

AM: Do you have a message for the Filipinos?

EA: Remember that in order for our efforts to not be wasted, that our vows may be listened to, that our ends may be gained, it is indispensable that we adjust our actions to the rules of law and of right, learning to triumph over our enemies and to conquer our own evil passions. 

AM: And for the Americans, is there something you would like to say?

EA: I would like to petition for a peace agreement and accord of non-violence.  Less than two centuries ago, you also fought for your independence against a world power with imperialist policies.  Let us do the same. 

AM: Thank you for your time.



President Woodrow Wilson Disavows Territorial Conquest


The most important thing that our country should strive for in a global community is friendship.  To achieve this, we must be honorable and righteous.  You can not be friends upon any other terms than upon the terms of equality.  This can only occur by comprehending the interests of other countries, even if it goes against American interests.  Comprehension must be the soil in which shall grow all the fruits of friendship, and there is a reason and a compulsion lying behind all this which is dearer than anything else to the thoughtful men of America.  Material wealth and gain, which has always been at the forefront of American thought, must now be placed behind human rights, national integrity, and opportunity.  Our relationship with other countries will be that of a family of mankind.  It is the relationship of this family of mankind devoted to the development of true constitutional liberty.  I would now like to make a pledge, to my fellow humans, that the US will never again seek one additional foot of territory by conquest.  Thank you, and may God bless the world.




Created by: Arthur and Asif

Humanities III

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